What Caused Faulty Wiring in My AC Unit?

What Caused Faulty Wiring in My AC Unit? - HVAC technician probing air conditioner wiring

Have you been having problems with your air conditioner? Sometimes issues can arise when there is faulty wiring somewhere in the system. Wiring can be faulty for many different reasons. But regardless of the reason, it’s always important to have a technician come and take a look at your system. Electrical problems can be notoriously difficult and dangerous to fix on your own. Here is some of the information you’ll need to find out what’s wrong with your AC. 

What Causes Faulty Wiring?

Sometimes understanding what has caused faulty wiring can help you avoid the problem in the future. Here are some of the most common causes of electrical problems in an AC unit: 

Old Wiring

Aluminum wiring is known for causing loose electrical connections over time. It’s more susceptible to changes in temperature than other types of electrical wiring. Changing temperatures cause wires to contract and expand, resulting in faulty wiring over time. If you don’t catch the problem right away, you could end up with burnt wires and a fire hazard. 

Water Damage

When there is a water leak, it can cause broken wires. Any time you have a leaking roof, an air conditioner leak, or plumbing problems, you should call Master Tech to come and take a look at your wiring to make sure it hasn’t been damaged. 


Sometimes mice can’t tell the difference between electrical wiring and a piece of cheese. They often nibble on things they shouldn’t, leading to broken wires and a malfunctioning AC. If you are seeing other signs of electrical problems in your home, you might want to have your wiring inspected for pest damage.

Improper Installation

If there are exposed wires anywhere near your AC unit, you’ll know that the wiring was improperly installed. Improper installation is one of the main causes of faulty wiring. That is why it’s so important to have a trustworthy professional come and do the work. 

What Are the Signs of Faulty Wiring? 

How can you tell if faulty wiring is the cause of your air conditioner problems? You’ll want to watch out for more general signs of electrical problems as well as some signs that can show up in your AC itself. Here are some of the most common indications: 

  • Exposed wires
  • An AC that turns off intermittently
  • An AC that constantly trips the breaker
  • An AC condenser or blower motor that doesn’t work properly
  • Flickering lights
  • A burning or fishy smell
  • Scorch marks near outlets or electrical panel

What Are Your Next Steps?

Electrical wiring problems are always frustrating, especially when they cause your AC to stop working. When issues crop up with your AC, you can call a technician right away. It’s especially important to call if you suspect faulty wiring to be at the root of your problem. Our team at Master Tech can help you with any issues that may arise with your air conditioner. Call Master Tech Service Corp today for air conditioning services in Dallas/Fort Worth. 

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