The Importance of Drain Cleaning

The Importance of Drain Cleaning - overflowing sink

If you own a home, the chances are good that you’ve encountered this scenario before. The water in a sink, tub, or toilet starts to drain slower and slower over time. Eventually, it stops draining, entirely, and you’ve had to call an emergency plumber. This frustrating scenario can wind up costing you a lot of money and creating unnecessary hassles, but there is a better way.

Instead of waiting until you’ve got standing water in the sink that stubbornly refuses to move despite all of your best efforts, you can give our team of expert plumbers a call before the situation becomes dire. With routine professional drain cleaning, you won’t even have to worry about deciding when to call. Instead, we’ll help you prevent clogs before they even get started.

Prevent Problems Before They Start

Even if you’re incredibly conscientious about what goes down your home’s drain, you’ll wind up with clogs eventually if you don’t schedule regular cleanings. Common culprits include hair in bathtubs or showers, grease in kitchen sinks, and a diverse array of toys and household items in any drain if you have kids. Despite your best efforts, these and other substances can build up over time, causing blockages and causing a water back up into the sink.

When you schedule preventative drain cleanings, you won’t have to worry about clogged drains. We’ll send a plumber out to your home to remove residue and buildup before it gets to the point where it starts causing serious problems. 

Protect Your Plumbing

Depending on their initial causes, clogs can cause damage in a few ways. For one thing, they put pressure on the pipes in places they aren’t designed to handle it, increasing the chances of leaks developing. If you use chemical drain cleaners in an effort to fix the clogs yourself, you’ll also be causing damage to their interior surfaces due to the introduction of caustic chemicals.

When clogs form not in the drain lines but in your home’s sewer main, the consequences can be even more serious. Since these large drain lines run beneath your yard, they can be susceptible to root damage. When the sewer mains start to leak, it becomes all the more likely that nearby trees will intrude in looking for water.

Plumbers have access to the tools required to identify the source of even serious clogs and remove them safely before they start weakening the pipes and causing leaks. Professional cleaning is also much easier on your pipes than having to unclog drain lines repeatedly, even if the clogs aren’t significant enough to cause problems on their own.

Say Goodbye to Foul Smells

If you’ve been noticing unpleasant odors coming from one or more of your home’s drains, that can spell trouble even if the water still seems to be running down them as usual. These odors occur when organic materials introduced into the drains begin to break down.

Foul smells emanating from the drains can indicate a clog beginning to form. If that clog is deep in the home’s plumbing system after the individual drains meet up with the sewer line, it could be producing potentially dangerous sewer gases. Even if that’s not the case, regular drain odors can still be extremely unpleasant and embarrassing. Getting on a routine cleaning schedule means saying goodbye to those foul smells for good.

Local Plumbers Can Help

When you’re ready to schedule professional drain cleaning, don’t rely on amateurs. You need an expert plumber who can resolve even stubborn clogs and prevent them from coming back. When you’re ready to schedule a professional cleaning, the expert plumbers at Master Tech Service Corp can help. You can contact us online to schedule a routine cleaning or call us at any time with your plumbing emergencies. We’re here to help.

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