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Sewers move wastewater away from the home and to a central treatment facility. When the sewer line is damaged, though, the wastewater isn’t going to go away. It could end up backing up in the home or spilling into the yard, both of which are hazardous conditions. It’s crucial to call for sewer pipe repair right away if there are any issues with the sewer. For sewer or water pipe repair, call Master Tech for help. 

When to Suspect Sewer Line Damage

Homeowners may notice a bad smell in their yard, along with wet areas near the sewer line. If there is a leak in the sewer line itself, the wastewater can come through the leak, which is what causes the smell. It is crucial to keep everyone away from the area until repairs can be made, as the sewage is hazardous. Another sign that there can be damage is wastewater backing up in the drains. If there is a clog, the wastewater can’t move through the pipes. Wear personal protective equipment to clean up anything that backs up in the home, and call a plumber immediately for assistance. 

How Damage Can Happen

There are numerous reasons why sewer pipes can be damaged and require repairs. If someone is digging in the area and accidentally hits the sewer pipe, sewer line repair will be needed. Tree roots can grow into the sewer pipes in the search for water, which can clog and damage the pipes. Clogs can happen when anything goes down the drain that shouldn’t, like when someone flushes wipes or other products down the toilet.

Inspections of the Sewer Line

If damage is suspected, an inspection is needed. Homeowners can call a plumbing company to figure out what is wrong with the pipes and how they can be repaired. Plumbers today can use cameras to look through the drains and sewer pipes. The cameras are attached to a long cord and can be pushed all the way down the drains to see what happened. Imaging is viewable as the camera goes through the drains, allowing the plumber to spot any potential issues. Once the damage is discovered, the plumber will know where it is and what can be done for the pipe repair. 

Determining the Right Repair Method

The repair method used can differ based on a variety of factors. Today, though, most plumbers will suggest trenchless sewer repair to help keep down the damage done to the yard during repairs. If the issue is a leak, the pipe leak repair may include pipe relining, which fixes the pipe from the inside and stops the leaks completely. Homeowners concerned about how the repairs will be done can review the options with a plumber before they begin and get help deciding which option for repairs is best for their situation. 

Keeping the Sewer Pipes in Good Shape

Though trenchless pipe repair and leaking pipe repair are done with as little damage to the surrounding area as possible, it is still a good idea to try to prevent any damage to the sewer system. Some of the ways to help keep the sewer pipes in good condition include the following. 

Watch What’s Flushed

Toilet paper is the only product that should be flushed down the toilet. Avoid flushing wipes, even if they’re labeled as flushable, feminine products, paper towels, or anything else that’s not made to be flushed. 

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

Though chemical drain cleaners can help clear clogs, they can cause damage to the pipes over time. This may mean leaks in the pipes or the sewer lines, which will need to be repaired. It’s always better to call the pros for drain cleaning instead of risking damage.

Watch What Goes Down the Drain

Pouring grease, paint, flour, and other materials down the drain are going to lead to a clog. Instead of the pipes inside being clogged, though, it could end up being the sewer pipes. When this happens, it can cause the drains to back up into the home.

Avoid Planting Near Sewer Pipes

When planting, especially if planting trees, avoid going near the sewer lines. Digging can cause damage to the sewer lines accidentally, and roots from trees too close to the sewer pipes can end up growing into them as the tree grows. 

Sewer lines are an integral part of every home’s plumbing system, so when there’s something wrong, fast help s needed. Call Master Tech now if you suspect the sewer pipes coming from your home may be damaged. 

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