Home Slab Leak Detection And Repair

Home Slab Leak Detection and Repair.

The majority of homes in Texas are built on a slab. What does that suggest? It means that rather than having crawl spaces or basements, the majority of houses in God’s country don’t have basements. Rather, they are constructed directly on a concrete foundation resting flush with the ground. There are some benefits to this design, such as not having to clean a damp, ignored, below-ground crawl space or basement– but when you have leakage, they can become a major pain. You’ll require leak detection and repair service ASAP.

Slab leaks are difficult since the problematic pipes are normally laid under the foundation itself. If these unexposed, underground pipelines split or break due to the home movement, settling, age or what have you, you’ve got a major concern that you can’t see! There are, however, some tell-tale indicators:
  • Pools on the flooring with no evident source
  • Hot spots
  • Mildew under rugs or carpet
  • Increasing utility expenses (despite consistent usage)
  • The noise of running water when the faucet is off
  • Damp ground
  • Activity on your water meter without use

In time, slab leaks can deteriorate your foundation and also cause serious trouble for the structure of your home. In the meantime, they are troublesome, expensive, and harmful, as your flooring and appliances can be damaged by water.

When you believe that your residence has a dlsb  leak, it’s time to call the specialists. Master Tech Service Corp. will take wonderful care of you. We can send over a fully licensed and qualified plumber to fix your issue today! 
Here’s how:

Slab Leakage Solutions:
The first step to repairing any type of slab leak is to find precisely where the problem lies. For this, our experts utilize advanced technology: electromagnetic pipeline locators, video inspection cameras, and amplification tools can help us discover the source of your slab leakage properly and efficiently.

Do not ever allow a plumber (or anyone, for that matter) to destroy your flooring to find a slab leak! Let the experts at Master Tech do what we do best. You’ll thank us later when you see for yourself just how we help you avoid the headache.
Next, it’s time for repair. Slab leaks can be difficult to get to. Still, as we said, you don’t want just anyone coming into your house and wrecking your floor– there are far better ways! Thanks to our total dedication to being at the technical forefront of the plumbing industry, Master Tech Service Corp. can provide them all:

Area Repair Service:
When possible to do so with minimal damages, we’ll open up the slab at the accurate location of the leak and do the joint repair work or pipe replacement.

We’ll leave the existing, broken pipeline and work around it with a brand new line.

The Master Tech Plumbing experts have actually never come across a slab leak that we couldn’t take care of. If you have reason to believe that a one of the pipes under your home’s slab has a leak, do not wait. Call Master Tech immediately and have it taken care of!

We get the job done right the first time!


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