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We Provide a variety of plumbing services. Being a plumber is more than just fixing clogged-up toilets & sinks. As a full-service plumbing business, Master Tech offers a broad selection of services for families in the Irving, Permian Basin, and the surrounding communities.

Standard Plumbing– When you need detailed plumbing inspections, you can rely on Master Tech’s experienced team. We can execute any type of basic plumbing service, providing solutions like taking care of leaks, obstructions, and more.

Drain Services– Clogged drains are unbelievably inconvenient, so you can depend on our drain pipe services to get your pipes flowing again in no time at all. We can also do sewer line inspections and sewage system / drainpipe repairs.

Water Heaters– Never take a cold shower again. You can count on our team of knowledgeable plumbing technicians for hot water heater repair work. We can also mount a new tankless hot water heater for your residence.

Slab Leakage Repair work– Our group can recognize and repair a slab leak to help you get rid of moisture in your basement ASAP.

Backflow– We also provide backflow testing, repair services, and setups. We also have backflow anti-theft devices for your home.

Natural Gas– Avoid a catastrophe when you count on our group for gas line repair. We also offer gas leak detection, gas line replacement, earthquake shut-off valves, and much more.

Our team of knowledgeable plumbing professionals is standing by to help you when you require it most, 24 hr a day.

Plumbing faq's

The most common plumbing problems are clogged drains and toilets, leaky faucets and pipes, water heater issues, low water pressure, and a running toilet. While most of these can be solved in a DIY fashion, some more serious issues will require a licensed professional to come out and assess issues with your current plumbing system.

Toilets typically use the most water in the home, beating out showers, dishwashers, and sinks. This is because of the frequency toilets are often used. You can adjust the water level that the basin fills up to with a couple of quick adjustments. Also, there is the option to install a low-flush toilet, which uses less water.

The best way to prevent your pipes from freezing is by insulating your pipes. If you are not able to insulate your pipes you can leave the water on a slow drip on very cold nights. The water constantly running will prevent your pipes from freezing.

The biggest benefit of a tankless water heater is that they never run out of hot water. A storage tank hot water has a limited capacity (whatever the size of the tank), while a tankless can heat unlimited amounts as it passes through the system. Tankless water heaters can also save you money by only heating the water you use, not the amount of water that is sitting in the storage tank.

The most common cause of faucet leaks is a corroded gasket, o-ring, or valve. This is often an easy fix. Most of the time, those parts can simply be replaced without replacing the whole faucet.

The most common reason for this is a clogged drain basket. Start by running your garbage disposal. From there clean your sink’s air gap and remove standing water. A shop vacuum is recommended for this. Clean up any detergent that could have accumulated on sensors. Check the drain basket/ filter in the bottom of your dishwasher and clean it out thoroughly. At this point check the drain hose for kinks, as well as any possible clogs/ obstructions. If necessary replace the drain hose and if problems persist then contact a licensed professional.

In short, no. Chemical drain cleaners can cause damage to pipes. The chemicals can cause degradation when used in old pipes repeatedly. When used in plastic pipes, chemical drain cleaners create heat which can damage the plastic pipes. In addition to possible damage to your home’s plumbing system, chemical drain cleaners are bad for the environment and septic systems.

Your garbage disposal can handle fruit scraps, fruit pits, vegetable scraps, corn cobs, cooked meat, small bones, leftovers, and ice. Avoid grease, oil, none food items, fibrous vegetables and peels, eggshells, shellfish, and coffee grounds.

This is often the result of the handle getting stuck. This causes the flapper to remain open which will allow water to continue to flow into the bowl. Fixes could include tightening, lubricating, or replacing the handle.

The most common signs to tell if your plumbing system requires service include odd sounds coming from the faucets, low water pressure, unpleasant smells coming from the drains, sinks or tubs draining slowly, and stained or damaged walls.


Emergency Service

We provide a variety of Plumbing Services


Do you notice a drop in water pressure? There is a possibility that a leak is present in your pipes. Have our plumbers detect and repair leaks with the latest technology.


plumbing replacement

Master Tech Service Corp have the expertise to troubleshoot your plumbing system quickly and get the necessary replacements completed efficiently. 


Do you notice cracks along your baseboards or walls? There a good chance of water damage within the foundation of your home.


Master Tech Service Corp offers a wide variety of kitchen plumbing solutions, including new installments, repairs, and maintenance. We service every little thing you can possibly think of, from small repairs to big cooking area renovations so that you and your family can continue enjoying your kitchen.


Texas gets hot and dry, which can cause the soil to move around. The area’s expansive dirt can be a resource of troubles for aging facilities. When home/company owners require Sewer Repairs in the Irving, they recognize that they can rely on Master Tech Service Corp.


Notice your water isn’t warming up? You don’t want to be stuck taking cold showers in the winter. Call the plumbers at Master Tech Service Corp to repair or replace your water heater.

Plumbing Repair

Kitchen Plumbing Repair

At Master Tech Service Corp, we provide Quality Solutions to Keep Your Kitchen Area Beautiful & Functional.

The kitchen is pretty much the heart of your home. It is where your household normally congregates and creates not just good food, but lasting memories too. Do you need plumbing repairs carried out in your kitchen? 
Whether you need to take care of, or replace a damaged component, or are perhaps planning to update the entire appearance of your cooking area, Master Tech Service Corp is your go-to service group. 
Master Tech Service Corp offers a wide variety of kitchen plumbing solutions, including new installments, repairs, and maintenance. We service every little thing you can possibly think of, from small repairs to big cooking area renovations so that you and your family can continue enjoying your kitchen. 
With a wide variety of plumbing experience, our expert team of technicians is totally equipped to manage projects of all sizes.

To get going, contact us at (817) 286-3954 as well as set up a visit. Our Irving plumbing professionals are looking forward to assisting you with all your kitchen area plumbing demands.

Kitchen Plumbing Repair

Plumbing is needed for many jobs in the kitchen area. When there is a problem, you can depend on our expert plumbing professionals to fix any type of repair issue, including leaks, blocked pipes, frozen/busted pipes, or damaged taps, components, as well as also your waste disposal unit. 

When a pipe bursts in the kitchen area or you have a problem with a gas line, give us a call for 24-hour emergency situation service, 7 days a week. If you prepare to update your kitchen plumbing, we can set up new plumbing, fixtures, and appliances in the kitchen area.

Drain Cleaning

Damaged Pipe

Do you have a blocked drainpipe? If so, you may feel like you are being held hostage. Most severe clogs require a Plumbing technician with the expertise to get your water flowing. We not only unclog drains, but we also install them too.

At Master Tech Service Corp we realize that part of resolving the issue of a clogged-up drainpipe might involve replacing it.

Calling Master Tech Service Corp means getting a locally operated plumbing service that will aid and protect against repeating drainpipe problems. Locations where stoppages can frequently happen are in the fixture trap, the main drainpipe, in the sharp bends, and also directional changes of the sub-drain pipelines. You can even get clogged-up where your drain meets the sewer line.

It takes a professional to locate the source of the issue. Our expert plumbing professionals at Master Tech Service Corp have operated in the plumbing industry for years.

They understand where to look to find the source of the blocked drain. Even if the trouble goes all the way to the sewer drain line, we will certainly find it as well as unclog your drain in the fastest timeframe possible.

Drain cleaning service is not just a matter of manpower. It is necessary that you have the appropriate equipment to unblock a drain. At Master Tech Service Corp, we have some of the most ingenious drainpipe cleansing tools available; from small hand snakes to drain machines. We are capable of cleaning all kinds of pipes and drains.

Drain Cleaning Service That is Clean Themselves!

A plumbing technician must never ever leave your house or business untidy. Although drain cleaning is a dirty task, when we operate in your home, our objective is to make it look like we were never there. Our service technicians make use of flooring mats and also booties to protect floorings. They have the experience and also the know-how to clear the clog and get your drain running. 


Toilet Replacement
There are many common issues with Toilets in Houses. Most people do not have the time or energy to fix these problems, which can become a nuisance. Some of the issues that people face are:
  • The commode has a weak flush that doesn’t work properly.
  • The bathroom’s flush is strong, yet it does not complete the cycle.
  • The commode tank fills with water after being purged.
  • The water in the toilet bowl decreases.
  • The commode flushes two times in a row.
  • The toilet whistles when the tank is refilling.
  • The bathroom takes way too long to refill the tank.
  • The tank causes a dripping sound after filling up.
  • The toilet takes a really long period of time to flush.
  • When you flush, the tub and sink gurgle.
If you discover any one of the above or any other pipes troubles with your toilet, our master plumbers at Master Tech Service Corp is ready to assist you.

 We have many years of experience and we guarantee that we will certainly finish up the job appropriately and on schedule.


Despite whether you need a basic fix carried out on your bathroom toilet, or if you require an all-new one mounted and installed, we can finish the job.

We understand that the job is a stinky one– and also a complex one– which is why we are right here to do it for you. Cross this item off your “Honey-do” list and Call Master Tech Service today!

Leak Repairs

Toilet Repair

Leak Repairs


The ordinary house makes use of AROUND 400 gallons of water a day. From cleaning the dishes to flushing the toilet to showering, your house has an elaborate plumbing system that handles all of it. When a leak takes place, it is vital that you address it promptly. You can count on our experienced leak repair experts at Master Tech Service Corp. We provide detailed repair services to safeguard your house from water damages and wasted cash.

If you see cracks in your foundation, random damp places around your home, or other indicators of leaking pipes, call (817) 286-3954. Our specialists offer personalized repair solutions for all your needs!


We understand that the last thing you intend to worry about is leaking pipes. But it is essential.

Why you may need quick leak repair service:

Flooring Damage– Gravity pulls water to the floor, causing it to trap under floorboards, floor tiles, pieces, and much more. If left unaddressed, it can cause foundations and structures to crack, mildew, and more.

Wall Surface Damages– Much of a house’s pipes are set behind the walls. When a pipe breaks or has a leak, it can seep into the drywall, which will cause the structure to deteriorate or collapse.
Mold & Mildew Issues– Mold and Mildew grow in damp environments. Pooling water in your walls or floors can promote such growth, threatening your health.
Drainage– It is eco irresponsible to leave leakages unrepaired. Not only does it harm the earth, it boosts your water expense, which is money down the tubes.

We offer a wide variety of Leak Repair Services:

Sink Repairs

Sink Repair

Plumbing Replacement

Plumbing Replacement

Work with the most effective Plumbers Around; Call Master Tech Service Corp.

Piping is made to last for years. However, this does not imply your pipelines are unsusceptible to damage. It is not unusual to have the occasional plumbing repair. Eventually, if you own a home long enough, you will certainly get to a place where your residence requires to be repiped.

Recognizing when to replace plumbing can be difficult. obviously, you want to be sure you are not wasting your money. Master Tech Service can help. In the Irving, Our repiping plumbers have the training as well as experience required to guide you when making this important choice.

Are you having difficulty with your piping? Call Master Tech Service Corp today at (817) 286-3954 to talk with our plumbing professionals in your area.

Piping Products

Due to the fact that they see so much usage, pipes should be made with long-lasting products that can hold up against both the water going through them and the problems and their surrounding environment. It is vital that pipes be resistant to rust and deterioration. It is also important to make sure that the materials can endure significant changes in temperature. 

If you are thinking about replacing the plumbing in your building, or if you are servicing a new building construction project, you will want to deal with a plumber who recognizes all types of piping products, and which one is best for your project.


The majority of homes in Texas are built on a slab. What does that suggest? It means that rather than having crawl spaces or basements, the majority of houses in God’s country don’t have basements. Rather, they are constructed directly on a concrete foundation resting flush with the ground. There are some benefits to this design, such as not having to clean a damp, ignored, below-ground crawl space or basement– but when you have leakage, they can become a major pain. You’ll require leak detection and repair service ASAP.

Slab leaks are difficult since the problematic pipes are normally laid under the foundation itself. If these unexposed, underground pipelines split or break due to the home movement, settling, age or what have you, you’ve got a major concern that you can’t see! There are, however, some tell-tale indicators:

  • Pools on the flooring with no evident source
  • Hot spots
  • Mildew under rugs or carpet
  • Increasing utility expenses (despite consistent usage)
  • The noise of running water when the faucet is off
  • Damp ground
  • Activity on your water meter without use

In time, slab leaks can deteriorate your foundation and also cause serious trouble for the structure of your home. In the meantime, they are troublesome, expensive, and harmful, as your flooring and appliances can be damaged by water.

When you believe that your residence has a leak, it’s time to call the master plumbers. Master Tech Service Corp will take wonderful care of you. We can send over a fully licensed and qualified plumber to fix your issue today! 


Here’s how:

Slab Leakage Solutions:
The first step to repairing any type of slab leak is to find precisely where the problem lies. For this, our experts utilize advanced technology: electromagnetic pipeline locators, video inspection cameras, and amplification tools can help us discover the source of your slab leakage properly and efficiently.

Do not ever allow a plumber (or anyone, for that matter) to destroy your flooring to find a slab leak! Let the experts at Master Tech do what we do best. You’ll thank us later when you see for yourself just how we help you avoid the headache.

Next, it’s time for repair. Slab leaks can be difficult to get to. Still, as we said, you don’t want just anyone coming into your house and wrecking your floor– there are far better ways! Thanks to our total dedication to being at the technical forefront of the plumbing industry, Master Tech Service Corp can provide them all:

Area Repair Service:

When possible to do so with minimal damages, we’ll open up the slab at the accurate location of the leak and do the joint repair work or pipe replacement.
We’ll leave the existing, broken pipeline and work around it with a brand new line.

The Master Tech Service Corp Plumbing experts have actually never come across a slab leak that we couldn’t take care of. If you have reason to believe that a one of the pipes under your home’s slab has a leak, do not wait. Call Master Tech Service Corp immediately and have it taken care of!

We get the job done right the first time!

Sump Pump

Sump Pump

When moments count, you can count on Master Tech Service Corp for quality Sump Pump installation & service.

The Two Kinds Of Sump Pumps

Recognizing what sorts of Sump Pumps exist can aid you in choosing the appropriate one for your basement, and also can assist you to obtain the right repairs work from a certified plumbing technician when your system has trouble. 

There are 2 kinds of Sump Pump that are extensively utilized today: pedestal pumps and submersible pumps:


Pedestal Pumps

These sit on top of a basin. They are air-cooled, so they require sufficient airflow to keep them from overheating, making them less than ideal for smaller-sized basements.

Submersible Pumps


As the name indicates, these sit inside the Sump pit and make use of a quieter, water-resistant electric motor.

Despite the sort of Pump you have actually set up in your basement, it’s always an excellent idea to have a battery back-up in case you experience a power blackout during a severe storm. Having backup power will ensure that the Pump is able to effectively do its job when you need it most.

How can you tell If Your Sump Pump Needs Repair?

If you have discovered your basement or below-ground area is flooded or damp, you might have a problem with the Sump Pump. If your Sump pit is full, or the Sump Pump is making strange sounds (whirring, clacking, grinding, etc.), it is a good decision to have it checked out by one of our service technicians.

The Pump needs to remain in good working order to offer the type of results you need. When ground water levels rise during a storm, rain can come rushing in, with very little notice. This swell of groundwater can result in a dysfunctional Pump. If your Sump Pump goes out, you’ll be faced with a basement full of water. If the Pump loses power as a result of a burnt-out motor or damaged electrical elements, you will need to call for repair services. If the Pump has been used greatly and is bogged down by fallen leaves and other debris, contact Master Tech Service Corp to have it cleaned before it ends up breaking down when you need it most.

Sump pumps are designed to last in between 5 years and one decade, so any Pump that is older than 10 years must be frequently serviced– or changed. Sump Pumps with tethered switches will last much longer than those with vertical buttons.

Our Sump Pump Services 

Master Tech Service Corp provides Sump Pump repair service, installation, and replacement throughout the Irving. While the regular life expectancy of a Sump Pump is 10 to 15 years, there are events when it might call for some repairs. That’s when it’s time to give us a call!
Sump pumps are essential to keeping your basement dry during periods of rain, winter snow, and also other flooding incidents. While it can be a “Do-It-Yourself” task, it’s generally best to employ an expert to set up a new unit or replace an existing one.

Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair

Right here, across the great state of Texas, residential and commercial properties share a common challenge. Texas gets hot and dry, which can cause the soil to move around. The area’s expansive dirt can be a resource of troubles for aging facilities. When home/company owners require Sewer Repairs in the DFW Metroplex, they recognize that they can rely on Master Tech Service Corp.

Professional Diagnostic Solutions

Before Master Tech Service Corp begins any type of Sewer Repair service project, our team determines the precise cause and location of the issue. Pipelines may be collapsing due to age, cracked by shifting ground, or choked with tree roots. We work with cutting edge devices and the most recent innovations to determine exactly where the line is damaged. We inspect the pipeline area and establish the scope of repairs needed. Your job is evaluated by our certified technicians with a combination of high-tech video and leakage detection equipment. Our expert diagnostic process enables us to create a repair work strategy tailored specifically to your home.

Site-Specific Sewer Repair

When drain repair or replacement, you presume that the job entails heavy excavation. It is true, many jobs can only be addressed with conventional trenching, yet we specialize in site-specific services.

Our excavation techniques minimize landscape and facilities concerns, we additionally offer much less intrusive trenchless alternatives. We can commonly rehabilitate maturing sewer lines with our CIPP process that rapidly recovers pipelines with a cured-in-place epoxy lining. Our custom-made strategy cover everything from routine repair work to recovery and replacement.

Your Accurate Assurance

For those who live in the Irving, we place our years of experience with sewer repair service at your disposal to help you. Our exact diagnostics and trenchless choices usually enable us to complete your work in just a couple of days, which results in substantial job expense savings. You can trust our OSHA-certified professionals to follow well established best-practice hygienic guidelines to protect your residential or commercial property and your health. In these trying times, we also take every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID.

You have our assurance that we will constantly deliver the highest levels of customer care and also a complete line of services that work with your schedule, spending plan, and landscape.
We will take great care of you.

Sewer Repair


See Why Customers in the Irving Area Select Master Tech Service Corp.

When you call Master Tech Service Corp, you will quickly understand why we are the leading choice for numerous clients throughout Texas. Whether you are aiming to install a new Gas, Electric, or Tankless water heater or require simple repairs done on your present devices, we will take great care of you.

Several of the water heater services we offer include:
  • Water Heater Repair
  • Water Heater Installation
  • Tankless Hot Water Heaters
  • Conventional Water Heaters
To get more information concerning the water heater solutions that we give, give us a call at (817) 286-3954 or Schedule Service using the form below.

You Can Count on Our Trustworthy Plumbing Technicians

Hot Water Heaters are among the most relied-on systems in the home. Frequently, you do not recognize just how important warm water is up until you’re confronted with freezing water in the shower on a cool day. 

The Master Tech Service Corp team will do our finest to keep that from occurring by performing first-class repair services, replacements, and installations on water heaters.

We’ll Keep You In Hot Water!

Do you need a brand-new water heater? Perhaps you just need your old water heater repaired? We can help you figure that out.

Our service experts will make certain that you have warm water when you require it, particularly throughout the Texas winter season. 

Whether you require electric, natural gas, or tankless water heaters, we can help you determine the appropriate one for your residence. The most prominent and also standard style of hot water heater in Texas is a gas or electric storage tank unit. These units save just the right amount of hot water for your convenience. If you are looking to conserve more energy and reduced your water expense, a tankless water heater would certainly be best because it just heats water, as you use it, not when you don’t.

Should You Buy a Tankless Water Heater?

Minimize your energy expenses! A brand-new tankless water heater can pay for itself within about three years. Tankless hot water heaters are smaller sized than traditional hot water heaters so they will maximize some space, they are also much safer. An upgrade to a tankless water heating system will provide your household with a well-rounded value.

I had an emergency plumbing problem that came up and MasterTech came to the rescue. Their service was 5 star, from my initial panic call for help and David who came out that very same day and fixed my problem. I definitely would refer MasterTech to whoever needs AC or plumbing services.

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