Plumbing Service in Dallas

There’s much more to modern plumbing services than drain cleaning, faucet repairs, and fixing burst pipes. When households in Dallas need expert and professional plumbing repair and replacement, Master Tech Service Corp is who many families call.

Master Tech Service Corp has more than 30 years of experience in every aspect of modern plumbing, from clogged drains and toilet repair to water heater installation and gas leak detection. We’re a locally owned and operated company that understands the unique characteristics of North Texas plumbing systems and construction.

Our licensed repair and replacement professionals respond swiftly to every customer’s service call. We answer our emergency line 24 hours a day. No matter how severe your plumbing problem may be, Master Tech Service Corp has the experience and tools to resolve it to get your household up and running.

Master Tech Service Corp is a plumbing repair and replacement company you know you can trust with excellent customer reviews and acclaim from the Dallas Business Journal and the Better Business Bureau. 

Kitchen Plumbing Repair
Plumber man fixing kitchen sink

Fundamental Plumbing Repairs

One small crack or flaw in your Dallas home’s plumbing can result in a whole host of bigger problems. Toilets with weak or no flushing and kitchen sinks that don’t drain can be early signs of bigger troubles.

Master Tech Service Corp takes care of the most basic but troublesome plumbing issues, stopping more difficult issues before they start. Our repair technicians will take care of problems with low water pressure and clogged drains, as well as more serious setbacks like a burst or frozen pipe and drainage leaks.

Master Tech Service Corp offers a complete lineup of plumbing services in the Dallas area, whether you need minor tune-ups or total replacement of plumbing fixtures. 

Tankless Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Tankless water heaters are energy-efficient and convenient, but they’re as susceptible to wear and tear as any other plumbing fixture in Dallas homes.

A tankless water heater that’s exceeded its flow capacity may work better in some rooms than in others, potentially shutting the system down altogether. The build-up of minerals or sediment and failing gas or electric lines can wreak havoc on the entire system.

Master Tech Service Corp specializes in tankless water heater replacement and repair. We can upgrade your current water heating setup to a modern tankless structure that reduces energy usage and pays for itself in just a few years. We also fix the most complex problems unique to tankless water heating systems.

Conventional Water Heater Repair

In some Dallas homes, it still makes more sense to keep traditional water heater systems in place. Don’t worry! Master Tech Service Corp still offers top-rated service on conventional systems, fixing everything from temperature and pressure problems to leaks, cracks, and sediment build-up. 

Slab Leak Repair

Most Dallas homes are built directly on a concrete slab with no basement attached. While there are plenty of protection and safety advantages to a concrete slab, a leak in the pipes beneath the foundation can cause severe damage costing tens of thousands of dollars. And that leak can be tough to pinpoint.

Master Tech Service Corp’s repair technicians are experts in finding concrete slab leaks. We use the most technologically advanced tools in the plumbing industry: electromagnetic indicators, high-tech video cameras, and other devices that help us find slab leaks traditional plumbers can’t. We’ll repair the leak thoroughly and install new lines with minimal disruption to your home. 

Pipe Repair

There are no limits to the headaches Dallas homeowners endure from even the most minor pipe problem. A pipe that gets frozen in winter expands as ice develops, risking a severe rupture. Flooding caused by a burst pipe can weaken wood construction and produce molds hazardous to your health. Clogs in your pipes can cause terrible odors, slow drainage, and flooding from sewage pickup.

Master Tech Service Corp has all the ultramodern plumbing weapons you need to find and fix pipe issues. We diagnose pipe issues and get your plumbing back in order as quickly as possible. 

Your Go-To Source for Plumbing Service in Dallas

Master Tech Service Corp technicians have over a century of combined experience fixing Dallas’s most complicated and tricky plumbing problems. Whether you need a spot fix or a completely new plumbing system, our award-winning staff stands behind every step of our work. We also offer financing options to help you pay for the plumbing repairs you need.

Don’t wait for a minor plumbing issue to become a total disaster. Contact our support team by phone or click on our contact page to schedule a visit from Master Tech Service Corp.

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