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Plumbing issues can arise at any time, and when they do, it might not be easy to figure out what happened or what to do about it. When drains aren’t flowing right, it’s likely a clog. However, it might not be easy to reach the clog or be able to get out of it. What might be needed is a sewer clean-out or other clog removal service. 

Common Issues with Home Plumbing

The plumbing inside the home can clog easily, especially when homeowners aren’t sure what to put in the drains and what to avoid pouring down them. Clogs can also happen when kids flush things down the toilet or pour things down the sink unknowingly. There are also natural reasons why clogs can occur far from the sinks. When clogs do happen, a call to a plumber is needed to find the clog and determine the right type of repair to fix it fast. 

What Do Rooters Do?

A lot can end up building up in the drain and sewer lines, leading to the need for drain cleaning. Rooter services are those services used to clean out the clogs or pipes to get them working again. A rooter is a machine that was designed specifically to unblock drains and to get water flowing as expected again. Plumbing companies can use a variety of methods to unblock clogged drains, depending on where the clog is located in the pipes and the cause of the clog.

If tree roots have grown into the sewer line, repipe lining might be needed after the clogged drains are fixed. Some sections of pipes may need to be repaired if there are cracked pipes due to clogs. The methods and techniques used will be determined after the pipes are inspected, and the plumber determines the cause and potential solutions. 

Why Do I Need Rooter Services?

Rooter services are designed to clear clogged drains before they lead to cracks and leaks. When plumbing rooter services are needed, the plumber will begin by inspecting the clog to determine where it is in the pipes. Clogs that only impact one fixture are typically located close to that fixture. Larger clogs in the sewer line may end up causing issues in multiple areas of the home, such as in tubs or showers. 

Using a rooter for plumbing repair is the best way to fix any of the clogs within the home and make sure they are fixed properly. Rooting machines can cause damage to pipes if they aren’t used correctly, so it is best to leave this job to the pros. 

When Clogs Get Worse

Clogs don’t just stay small – they’ll get worse over time. In some cases, they can lead to leaks and water damage, so homeowners will need water leak repair on top of the rooter services. While a leaky faucet isn’t a sign of a clog, leaks within the pipes under the sink or in the walls of the home can be a sign of a clog. If the clog is bad enough, pressure can build up behind it, causing the pipe to crack. At this point, leak repair is needed. Professional leak detection can help find where the leak is located and the clog that may have caused it. 

Keeping the Pipes Clean

The best way to prevent clog or faucet repair is to keep the pipes clean and prevent letting anything go down the drains that shouldn’t be there. It is important to avoid pouring paint, chemicals, grease, and other products down the drain in homes. Feminine products and other items should never be flushed. Be cautious with kids to make sure they don’t flush anything down the toilet, and use traps to make sure items can’t go down sink drains.

Homeowners who are careful with what goes down the drain can help prevent potential clogs and other plumbing issues in their homes. If any drains start to run slow, it’s important to call for plumbing repair fast, as this will help prevent the clog from getting a lot worse. 

Drain cleaning and rooter services may be needed occasionally, despite being as careful as possible with the home’s drains. If you’re having trouble with drains that don’t seem to work, it’s likely a clog and may require professional help to clear. At Master Tech, we work hard to make sure your plumbing is in excellent condition so you don’t have to worry about clogs or leaks. Call us today to schedule any plumbing services you may need.

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