Plumbing in Grand Prairie

With over a century of combined industry experience, Master Tech Service Corp’s staff of highly trained and motivated technicians can be relied upon to provide superior, personalized service.

Being a plumber involves way more than just unclogging a few sinks and performing some minor toilet repairs. 

At Master Tech Service Corp, we are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of much-needed plumbing services, including routine inspections, leak detection, faucet repair, burst pipe repair, and tankless water heater replacement.

Master Tech’s skilled team is your go-to option for prompt and dependable plumbing solutions in Grand Prairie.

Master Tech Service Corp

Dependable Drain Cleaning 

The majority of severe clogs require the expertise of a plumbing technician to clear. At Master Tech Service Corp, we understand that part of resolving a clogged drainpipe issue may entail replacing it. So not only do we unclog drains, we install them as well.

Locating the source of the problem requires the expertise of a professional. Master Tech Service Corp’s expert plumbers have years of experience in the plumbing industry. They are aware of where to look for the source of a clogged drain. 

Even if the issue extends all of the way to the sewer drain line, we will locate it and unclog your drain in the shortest amount of time possible.

Slab Leak Solutions

Because the leaky pipes are typically located beneath the foundation, slab leaks are difficult to diagnose. If these unseen, underground pipelines split or break due to home movement, settlement, age, or any other reason, you have a serious problem that you cannot see. 

However, some warning signs to look for include pools of water on the floor with no apparent source, mildew growth beneath rugs or carpets, and an increased water bill.

Slab leaks can deteriorate your foundation and cause significant damage to the structure of your home over time. Meanwhile, they are inconvenient, costly, and potentially dangerous due to the damage that water can cause to your flooring and appliances.

When you suspect that your home may have a slab leak, it’s time to call in the experts. Master Tech Service Corp will take excellent care of you. We can immediately send a fully licensed and qualified plumber to your location to resolve your problem.

Reliable Water Heater Installation and Repair

Choosing Master Tech Service Corp as your Grand Prairie plumbing service provider is a no-brainer. There is no job too big or too small for us; we’ll take care of you no matter what type of water heater you have or how old it is.

Reliable water heaters are an essential part of any home. Many individuals don’t realize how important warm water is until they find themselves in a cold shower. Master Tech’s water heater repair and replacement services go above and beyond to ensure that this does not happen.

For expert tankless water heater repair you can depend on, from periodic maintenance to a total system replacement, call on your friends at Master Tech Service Corp.

Gas Leak Detection 

Does a possible gas leak fall within the category of plumbing? Yes! When most people think about plumbing work, they envision water lines and plumbing fixtures such as toilets and faucets. However, professional plumbers also service and repair gas water heaters and other gas-powered appliances in and around the home. 

You will detect gas leaks pretty quickly if you are familiar with their signs and symptoms. The following are some common indicators of a gas leak:

  • A steady hissing sound near your gas lines
  • Unusual clouds of white mist or fog 
  • A rotten egg or a sulfur smell
  • Dead plants or vegetation 
  • A spike in your gas bills
  • Sudden nausea, dizziness, or irregular breathing 

Whether your household’s gas lines are above or below ground, they can rust or deteriorate over time. When gas leaks are discovered, it is critical to have the gas line repaired as soon as possible. If you suspect a gas leak on your property, give our experts a call right away.

Discover Why Grand Prairie Locals Prefer Master Tech Service Corp

Our combined expertise of more than 100 years means that you can rely on Master Tech Service Corp to repair, maintain, or improve your plumbing. We provide our Grand Prairie neighbors with prompt, competent emergency plumbing solutions. 

You can count on our plumbers to arrive on time, be courteous, and tidy up after themselves before leaving your property. At Master Tech Service Corp, customer service is not just a talking point; it is a top focus. Call us today at (866) 605-1714, or use the form below to schedule our team for all of your plumbing needs.

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