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A dripping sound or a random puddle of water can be terrifying to homeowners. If there isn’t any water running in the house, but a dripping sound is heard, or water is noticed where it shouldn’t be, homeowners may be dealing with a leak. If there is a leak in the home, a prompt repair can prevent water damage and save the homeowner money on repairs. Call Master Tech at the first sign of a leak to make sure it’s fixed fast. 

Why Pipes May Start Leaking

Pipes can start leaking for a number of different reasons. Some of the most common reasons why pipe repair may be needed include the following. 


Older pipes are more likely to break down over time. Depending on the materials used for the pipes, they can start to wear out and leak after a number of years.

Accidental Damage

Digging in the yard is a common reason for the sewer line to become damaged. Before digging, it’s important to mark the water lines. Otherwise, sewer pipe repair may be needed. 

Tree Roots

Sewers may become damaged and require trenchless sewer repair if there are nearby trees. The roots of trees search for water as they grow, so they can end up growing into the sewer line and causing damage. 

Recalled Components

There have been pipes and fittings that have been recalled in the past. Some homes still use these materials, but they should have them replaced before a leak begins. 

Detecting Leaks in the Pipes

It’s not always easy to spot potential leaks. It may start as a little bit of water in an odd location, but that can be written off as a spill. If it’s cleaned and comes back, though, it’s time to investigate the cause. A plumber can inspect the home’s plumbing to determine if there’s a leak and, if so, where it’s coming from. Outside the home, sewage smells or a wet lawn can indicate damage and require an inspection to determine if there is a leak. 

First Steps to Take After Discovering a Leak

After discovering a leak, it’s important to work fast. If the leak is inside the home, shut off the water to prevent more water from leaking and causing damage. There may be a shut-off valve nearby, but if not, shut off the water to the home. Call immediately for pipe leak repair, and then start cleaning up any standing water in the area to minimize the damage done. Leave the water off until repairs are done to protect against further issues. 

Sewer Line Damage

Sewer lines can break down over time, be damaged by tree roots, or be broken while digging in the yard. Sewage is hazardous, so it’s crucial to call for sewer line repair as soon as any damage is noticed. Homeowners will want to work with a reputable plumbing company that may be able to provide advice on steps that can be taken before they arrive. Once there, the technician can review the damage and provide options for the repair. 

Options for Sewer Line Repairs

Today, homeowners have more options for repairing the sewer line. Traditionally, sewer line repair is done by digging up the damaged section of the sewer line and replacing it. This does, however, cause significant damage to the yard. Depending on the extent of the damage, this may no longer be needed. Experts can do a trenchless pipe repair, which helps fix the pipe with minimal damage to the surrounding area. An expert can provide recommendations for how to handle the repair and which technique should be used. 

Options for Repairing Leaking Pipes

Homeowners may also have options for water pipe repair. When pipes start to leak, depending on the cause, it may be possible to replace just a section of the pipes. In other situations, pipe relining may work well to correct the issue and prevent future leaks. A technician can do a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the problems and then make suggestions for how to handle the repair and prevent further issues. 

Leaks can happen in any home, and when they do, prompt repair is the only way to prevent further damage and protect against high water bills. If you’ve noticed a leak in any of the pipes in your home or are worried the sewer line is leaking, it’s time to call for leaking pipe repair right away. Call Master Tech to learn more about the repairs available and to schedule your service. 

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