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Leak Detection in Irving, TX

Water is vital to survival, but it can be damaging when it’s somewhere it shouldn’t be inside the home. When there is the possibility of a leak, it’s crucial to call a plumber right away. If possible, turn off the water to the area where the suspected leak is located or to the whole home to prevent more water from getting into the home. Then, call Master Tech to find and repair the leak. 

When to Suspect a Leak

Water puddling in an area where it shouldn’t be is a huge indication that there may be a leak. However, leaks might not always be noticeable. Some of the times homeowners may suspect a leak in their homes will include the following. 

Water Bills Increasing

Water bills should be relatively steady, depending on household use. Though it might go up when the pool is filled, it should come back down the next month. If it rises sharply with no apparent cause or continues to rise month after month, it might be because of a leak. 

Reduced Water Pressure

If the water pressure in a fixture is suddenly less than it should be, it’s a good indication that there is a leak somewhere in the home, and leak repair is needed. If the water pressure is low throughout the home, the leak may be in the main line coming into the home. 

Water Stains

Water stains on the ceiling, walls, or other areas of the home can indicate water is leaking from somewhere. Water can travel quite a ways before it becomes noticeable, though, so it may be difficult to determine exactly where the leak is located. 

Damaged Flooring

Flooring can be damaged when water puddles on or underneath it. The water damage can be significant, depending on how long the leak has been occurring.

Mold Appearing

Mold needs moisture to grow, so it can be a good indication that a part of the home has excess moisture. In many cases, the excess moisture will be caused by a leaking pipe nearby. 

What Can Cause a Leak

Leaks can be caused by many different issues within the home. Knowing the causes can help homeowners prevent potential leaks, keeping the home safe from further damage and more extensive repairs.

Clogged Drains

When pipes are clogged, the pressure behind the clog can build up, leading to burst or cracked pipes. The clog will need to be removed and the pipe repaired. Preventing clogs can be done by being careful with what goes into the pipes in the home. 

Damaged Pipes

Pipes can be damaged by digging in the yard, trying to install something in the home, or other innocent activities. If this happens, turning off the water and getting fast help is necessary. Before digging in the yard or installing anything inside the home, mark any plumbing fixtures, so it’s easier to avoid them and prevent damage. 

Tree Roots

Tree roots grow in the direction of the water. This can mean that they can grow into nearby waterlines, causing damage and leaks. 

Loose Connections

Loose connections are often the cause of a leaky faucet or sink. Any connections within the plumbing can become loose over time and allow water to leak out. 

Plumbing Inspections

It’s not always easy to find the source of the leak, so professional leak detection may be needed. A plumber will be able to use a camera to go through the home’s plumbing to determine if there is a leak and, if so, where it might be coming from. Once the leak is discovered, leak repair can begin. The technician will always provide suggestions for repairs to find the right solution for any leak. 

Repair Services

If a leak is detected, water leak repair is needed immediately. What might seem like just a few drops of water can quickly add up, resulting in higher water bills and more damage around the home. Only a few drops of water can cause mold to start growing, too, which can be a health hazard. Plumbers can repipe the lining in the pipes, perform faucet repair to reseal the faucet, or do other repairs to fix the issue and prevent the problem from reoccurring. 

Leaks can cause significant damage to the home, but they’re not always noticeable. When there is a reason to suspect a leak within the home, it’s a good idea to work with the pros right away to get it fixed and make sure the water isn’t able to cause more damage. If you think there might be a leak in your home’s plumbing, contact Master Tech now for expert help.

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