How Do I Know if There’s a Leak in My Ductwork?

How Do I Know if There’s a Leak in My Ductwork? - HVAC ducts

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you want your HVAC system to work as efficiently as possible. Long, hot summers and short, but sometimes harsh, winters make it even more important that you get the most out of your furnace, heat pump, or AC. The ductwork in your home is a big part of the overall efficiency of your system. Making sure it is designed properly and free from leaks can lower your energy bills significantly.

Your heating and cooling system and your ductwork can also have a major impact on the indoor air quality of your home. If you are struggling with poor quality air, leaks in your air ducts might be at the root of your problems. Here is everything you need to know about duct leaks, how you can tell if you have them, and what to do about them. 

Why Is Minimizing Ductwork Air Leaks Important?

Did you know that the average home loses 30% or more of warm or cold air through leaky ductwork? It’s not hard to imagine how much extra money you might have to spend to heat or cool your home when a lot of it is escaping through the cracks. It can also cause your furnace or AC to get worn out a lot faster.

Your indoor air quality is also at stake. When there are no leaks, air flows carefully through a filter before making its way out of the vents. But when there are leaks in the ductwork, contaminants can find their way into the ducts and back into your home. Plus, you can get harmful back-drafting from your other systems like your gas water heater, and condensation, leading to mold. 

How to Tell If Your Ductwork Has Leaks

If there are leaks in your air ducts, there are a few ways that you can tell. This is especially easy if you have access to your ductwork in different parts of your home. Here are some of the ways that you can detect a duct leak.

  • Higher Energy Bills: If your furnace or AC was advertised as being efficient, but you are still seeing high energy bills, it might be bad ductwork. 
  • Bad Odors: A bad odor coming from your ducts could be a sign that mold or dust is collecting in the ducts because of leaks. 
  • Visual Inspection: If you can see your ducts, check to see if they are still in good condition. Look at joints and duct tape for signs of leaking or wear and tear. 
  • Smoke Test: you can use a smoke pencil to see if there is airflow in areas where it shouldn’t be. Run the smoke pencil next to the ductwork to look for a draft. 
  • Wind Test: You can also feel for leaks with your hands. Turn the air on high, and run your hand along the ducts to feel if there is any air coming out. Focus on the joints of the air ducts.

Have Your Ductwork Fixed With Master Tech

Do you suspect that your ducts are leaking air? You don’t have to put up with the higher energy bills and poor indoor air quality. Have our team at Master Tech come and fix your ductwork. We can improve HVAC efficiency and help your system last longer with our ductwork repair services in Dallas-Fort Worth. Call Master Tech Service Corp today or reach out to us online!

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