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It can get uncomfortable during the winter season, but your home shouldn’t feel like the inside of your freezer. Schedule heating services with the team at Master Tech Service Corp. Our highly skilled and trained technicians can be trusted to bring comfort back into your home.

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Is your AC ready to handle the suffocating summer season? If you do not have it examined each year, it’s a roll of the dice.


The Comfort Advisors at Master Tech have the expertise to troubleshoot your AC system quickly and get the necessary repairs completed efficiently. 


A brand-new air conditioning unit can bring you comfort and satisfaction for several years to come. 


Here at Master Tech, we have a team of expertly trained Comfort Advisors that are dedicated to assisting you. They will help you find an option that best satisfies HVAC requirements and maintains your ideal temperature in your residence. We will help you stay warm in the winter season and cool during the summertime.



At Master Tech we understand the importance of indoor air quality. In these trying times, more attention than ever has been devoted to understanding the ramifications of poor air quality. We have taken amazing strides in developing technology to sanitize and purify the air that is constantly circulated throughout our living spaces.


Texas gets hot and dry, which can cause the soil to move around. The area’s expansive dirt can be a resource of troubles for aging facilities. When home/company owners require Sewer Repairs in the DFW or Permian Basin, they recognize that they can rely on Master Tech.

Professional Heating Services in Irving & Permian Basin Area

Heating Inspection

Air Conditioning Repair

Do You Need A Heating Inspection?

They say “if you don’t like the Texas weather, wait 5 minutes, it will change.” Most of you have experienced what that phrase suggests. In Texas, you may start the day with the heater on, but you’ll be setting your thermostat to “Cool” by lunchtime. It is possible by the end of the day you will turn up the Heat again.

Here is the real question: is your Heating ready to handle the back-and-forth season? If you do not have it examined each year, it’s a roll of the dice.

Even if your Heater operates all winter long without having an examination, it may not be running at peak performance.  You could have some festering issues that cause expensive repair services in the future.

New compressor, anyone?

Bearing that in mind, there’s an appropriate method and a wrong way to perform a Heating unit examination. In fact, there are a number of wrong ways. Several HVAC service providers just don’t do a great deal of the things they should certainly do throughout an assessment. Cleaning your coil, inspecting compressor amp draw, flushing the drainpipe line; these are “must do” Heater maintenance tasks that need to take place annually.

At Master Tech, we do all those things during our Heating Inspections. We do a whole lot more too.

Heating system inspection basics

Before we study Heating Inspection essentials, we need to obtain a sense of what ought to occur when an HVAC service technician executes your examination.

At one of the most standard, fundamental levels, an annual Heater inspection as well as preventative upkeep check up need to contain:

If your Heating evaluation doesn’t consist of every one of the above, it’s not a total inspection.

At Master Tech, our examination does cover every one of these; upkeep, testing, and evaluation jobs. You might have observed that we inspect a lot of points that HVAC specialists disregard.

The fixed stress test is particularly important since the results can help you extend the life of your equipment.

Without an evaluation this comprehensive, you might wind up with a less-than-optimal AC and Heating situation. We do not want that, and neither do you.

Heating Repair

AC Technician

We specialize in providing quick, economical Heating Repair and upkeep.

Our team of Technicians and Comfort Advisors have the knowledge and expertise to help troubleshoot and address any type of Heating System concern or need you may have.


In between our friendly and educated customer service representatives to our seasoned technicians, we can help you solve any kind of repair, service, or setup requirements that you might have.

We consider the dimension of the space that your unit requires, as well as your budget plan to supply you with one of the most appropriate solutions. We will get you comfortable as quickly as possible.

We provide you with the information that you need to make the best decisions regarding your Heating unit.

Our Technicians stay up-to-date with the most recent technology and techniques to give you an efficient, exact repair or new installation.

We have up-front pricing, so you’ll never have to worry about being caught off-guard by the bill.

Whether you need a seasonal tune-up or are unsure when your system was last checked, we can help you out. Maintaining your system, and keeping it in great working order is not just smart, but far more affordable than paying for repair services or replacement if repair is not possible.

Heating Replacement

Master Tech AC Install
Air Conditioning Replacement

Heating System Replacement

It is recommended when replacing one part of the system, whether the handler or the compressorr, to upgrade both systems and, at a minimum, have actually the ductwork inspected, most of the time it requires changing. Although just one component of your system may require changing, it’s recommended that you change the whole system to keep maximum system efficiency. Replacing the entire HVAC system suggests investing even more in advance, but you’ll conserve cash over time because your entire HVAC system will remain in sync.

Calculate the Correct HVAC System Size: 

The adhering table is an evaluation for tonnage coverage based on the square video footage of your home. You’ll also want to consider the environmental variables where your home is located to ensure that you have suitable tonnage to take care of the varying temperatures in your area. A professional HVAC specialist will have the ability to estimate this out for you much more accurately, 


below is a handy table, so that you can get an idea of what to expect:

1.5 tons– 600 to 1100 square feet
2-tons– 901 to 1400 square feet
2.5-tons– 1201 to 1650 square feet
3 tons– 1501 to 2100 square feet
3.5 tons– 1801-2300 square feet
4 tons– 2101 to 2700 square feet
5 tons– 2401 to 3300 square feet

Prior to your Heating System Replacement, it is a good idea to do your research on the very best type and size unit for your property. Acquiring an HVAC unit that is too large or to small for the square footage of your house or company is a poor decision. It means that it is not energy reliable, which results in greater energy expenses. Examine the energy performance ratings on the tag and also whether the item is certified by Energy Star to guarantee you buy the system that will certainly operate at maximum efficiency, year-round, and also save you money throughout the life expectancy of the system.

Heating System Maintenance

AC Inspection


A little routine upkeep can go a long way. So prior to you set up a maintenance visit, here are some things to be aware of that can help improve your comfort level in your home, as well as the efficiency of your ac unit.

Change or clean the air filters:

The most crucial maintenance task that will certainly boost the performance of your HVAC unit is to consistently replace or clean the air filters. Change one-inch pleated filters once a month. If you’re not sure of the sort of filter to utilize, Master Tech can suggest one based upon your specific system. For all other filter dimensions, Master Tech will inspect, clean, or change them at your yearly upkeep visit. Bear in mind, filters may need more frequent attention if your air conditioning unit remains consistently in operation. Other factors are if your unit is subject to dusty conditions, or you have animals in the house. Contact Master Tech to find out what frequency of filter adjustment is appropriate for your system.

Clean the ac system’s coils:

The system’s condenser coils accumulate dirt over time. This dust decreases airflow as well as prevents the coil from to take in warmth. Outside condenser coils can get really dirty if the exterior setting is dusty or if there is vegetation nearby. To prevent these problems, Master Tech will examine and clean your air conditioning system’s coils, if needed, at your annual maintenance visit.

Get rid of particles from the unit:

With time, things like leaves, dust, and yard clippings will accumulate on the outside of your system, decreasing system capacity and minimizing airflow. You should cut any kind of hedges or other plants back from around the ac system to keep from impeding airflow to and from the system.

Correct the alignment of coil fins:

The lightweight aluminum fins on the evaporator and condenser coils are easily bent and can obstruct airflow through the coil. Master Tech will inspect these components at your yearly maintenance check-up and also align them, if needed.

New Heating Installation


A brand-new Heater can bring you comfort and also complete satisfaction for several years to come. There are a number of crucial factors to take into consideration when picking a brand-new Heating unit for your Texas residence.


A quality Comfort Advisor will certainly pay attention to your current ductwork, registers, and the dimension of each area to determine what size unit your house needs. Make certain to tell them about any energy renovations, like new home windows or insulation that may impact the amount of cooling power that your residence needs.

Having an oversized HVAC unit can mean greater utility expenses, even more humidity inside, and irregular temperatures in each space of your residence. In contrast, an undersized Heating unit may cycle continuously as well as still not have the ability to cool adequately, costing you more money for energy bills and repair services from boosted wear and tear.


The SEER score tells you the amount of cooling per each watt of energy usage. SEER 13 is the most affordable allowed our location. Higher SEER rankings generally set you back extra, however the higher number indicates even more power savings. Lot of times, they will certainly pay for themselves in time.


Including a programmable thermostat can conserve around 10% on operating prices yearly. Make certain your Heating setup consists of one. Smart thermostats can be simpler to run since they immediately configure themselves based upon your family’s patterns.


Every house is distinct. Buying a brand-new cooling system is the most effective time to assess your demands and make sure you will certainly more than happy as well as comfy at home. Including optional features can alleviate allergies, increase comfort, and also save power. You might want to think about including:

  • Whole-house air purifier
  • Media filters
  • Zoning
  • High-performance blower


Each supplier provides a different service warranty on their devices. Read meticulously to comprehend what is or isn’t covered. Lots of brands do not include labor.


Since your Heater is a significant mechanical system, it’s smart to get it had a look at annually for ideal performance. Normal interest can enhance power performance as well as capture little problems, decreasing deterioration in your system. Even much better, it can stop major failures throughout extreme weather. Annual maintenance can include a great deal of value and expand the life-span of your brand-new unit. Consider covering normal System Inspections as well as a USA Membership into the purchase cost of your brand-new unit.


The National Institute of Standards and Innovation (NIST) released a research study showing most homes had at least six unusual HVAC setup errors. Poor setups were the reason for squandered energy. Leaky ductwork, poorly sized ductwork, and undercharged refrigerant created the most troubles for energy performance. Some homes in the research study were using 30% more power than the units SEER score suggested due to these installation errors.

It’s a good idea to review testimonials as well as inspect the Better Business Bureau rankings prior to you select your installer. At Master Tech we would love for you to check out what our customers are saying. HVAC  installations are intricate, so you need to select a contractor you can depend on to back up their work and deal with any kind of problems that may appear.

We do things right at Master Tech. We adhere to market standards for Air Conditioning setup and do not cut corners. Master Tech pulls more permits than many of the other neighborhood Heating businesses combined. In addition to top-notch craftsmanship, we have a solid dedication to customer support.

Master Tech was the pleased recipient of the BBB’s Torchon Award for Ethics. Additionally, our high ratings on Google and Facebook match the 96.6% positive feedback we get from our consumer studies. 

Oncor Award

ONCOR HVAC Contractor

Master Tech has been selected, for the 5th year to be a part of Oncor’s 2021 HEE (High Energy Efficiency) and LIW (Low Income Weatherization) programs. 

This is a huge Federal program that only works with a select group of HVAC contractors throughout the State of Texas.  Master Tech was amongst the first 5 contractors to be in the program during its inception.

We were also the winner of Oncor’s Best of the Best award the only year that award was given.  The program is intended to incentivize homeowners who upgrade their HVAC systems to higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) units. 


The program pays us the incentive, which we take directly off of the sales price up front.  Oncor requires us to call this an “incentive,” not “rebate” or “discount,” as Oncor wants/needs to the homeowner to understand they are incentivizing them (paying back) to use less energy.  Unfortunately, many contractors on the program do not reduce the sales price, they just receive the money from Oncor without telling the customer they are getting incentivized.

Our core values are Integrity, Accountability, and Customer Commitment. We would love to help you get the best deal possible on your HVAC unit.

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