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Heating Tune Up in Irving, TX

Any time you try to run any type of mechanical system for hours without having it cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted, you’ll probably run into problems. When it comes to HVAC equipment, the problems that result from lack of maintenance can range from minor inconveniences to major breakdowns. At Master Tech, we can help you avoid these problems by coming to your home every year for a heater tune up. We are excited about our tune up services because they help our friends and neighbors in Irving save a lot of money on repairs and maintenance.

To schedule your annual furnace tune up, give Master Tech a call today, or fill out our online form.

Our Local Heating Tune Up Services

At Master Tech, we can service any type of heating equipment. We specialize in gas and electric furnace tune-ups and heat pump maintenance in the DFW area. You can get an after hours answering service, however we do not run after hours calls at this time. Investing in yearly maintenance for these systems is often much easier.

What’s a Heating Tune Up?

An HVAC tune up is a service that will get your furnace or heat pump working at its peak performance. This type of service is something you’ll want on your schedule even when your heater is running smoothly. There could be hidden problems that may lead to unexpected breakdowns and emergency repairs. A typical tune up will include a top to bottom inspection, cleaning, and small adjustments to make it run more efficiently. 

What Are the Benefits of Regular HVAC Tune Ups?

Is a furnace tune up even something that you need or is it a service that you can skip? While many people do choose to skip regular maintenance, they aren’t getting the most out of their systems. Regular heating maintenance will benefit you in the long run because you’ll avoid expensive emergency repairs, your system will last much longer, and your energy bills will be lower every month. Plus, you won’t have to worry about voiding your warranty early. Manufacturer warranties require annual maintenance or they won’t cover certain repairs and parts. 

Our Heating Tune Up Checklist

The items that are on our heating tune up checklist will vary depending on whether you have a gas or electric furnace or a heat pump system. But a few of the most common items that we’ll include are:

  • A wiring inspection to check for loose electrical connections
  • Air filter cleaning
  • 1 – Air filter replacement only
  • Checking and lubricating mechanical parts
  • Cleaning the coils or heat exchanger
  • Removing debris from the outdoor unit
  • Checking vents and ductwork for blockages
  • Checking safety sensors
  • Checking your pilot light
  • Cleaning your flame sensor
  • Checking refrigerant levels on your heat pump
  • And more

Our USA Membership Plan

At Master Tech, we have our Universal Savings Agreement Membership which will help you to save money every year on heating maintenance. As part of your membership, you’ll get discounts on any repairs that you need. You’ll also get a complete precision tune up every year that you are a member. As part of your membership, if you aren’t completely satisfied with the change in your heater after your tune up, we’ll give you a refund.

Your Heater Is in Good Hands with Master Tech

Our company is built on strong principles that everyone who works with us strongly believes in. Every day, we pursue our core values which include:

  • Balance
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Courage
  • Diversity

At Master Tech, our quality services start with making sure we balance our professional and personal lives so that we never come to work exhausted. We share straightforward and honest information with you so that you can make good decisions for your home, and we are always kind, respectful, and professional. 

We guarantee all of our services because we are confident in the quality of the repairs and maintenance that you’ll get from our team of licensed technicians. We also offer discounts to seniors and our fast services are available 24/7 for emergencies. When you need heating services, you can be sure that we will take care of you from beginning to end. 

Quality HVAC Tune Up Services in Irving, TX

If your heater has been running less efficiently, you have high energy bills, or you are tired of not feeling warm enough during the winter, a heating tune up can help. We offer this service in DFW and the surrounding areas.

Call us today to schedule your comprehensive heating inspection and tune up. 

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