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Garbage Disposal Installation in Irving, TX

Garbage disposals are designed to be tough so that they can hold up to daily use, but that doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. Most units make it around ten years before they start causing frequent problems. More often than not, we can repair each issue as it comes up, but that’s not necessarily the most cost-effective option. At a certain point, it makes more sense to look into garbage disposal replacement.

We’re not suggesting that you need to have your unit replaced immediately after its tenth birthday. With professional maintenance, your garbage disposal might last for longer or, if the original installation wasn’t properly performed, a new unit might not make it the full decade. What’s important isn’t following a particular time frame for replacement, it’s that you are able to get the most from your home appliances.

Whether you’re considering having a garbage disposal installed for the first time, you’ve recently moved into a home with a unit that’s performing at sub-par levels, or you’re just sick of making frequent repairs, Master Tech Service Corp is here to help. We provide both new garbage disposal installation services and replacements for aging units, so don’t be afraid to call.

The Purpose of Garbage Disposals

If you’re new to the wonderful world of garbage disposals and planning to have your first one installed, you have our congratulations. You’re about to make life much easier for everyone in your home because garbage disposals serve a very useful purpose. They chop up food scraps into small particles that can be safely introduced into your home’s drains for easy removal.

Without a garbage disposal, you need to exercise constant caution while rinsing dishes and preparing meals near the kitchen sink. Using a drain guard can help with preventing food from making its way into the pipes, where it can cause clogs, but cleaning it will add another unpleasant task to your to-do list.

Installing a garbage disposal means you don’t have to worry about rinsing food off of plates after dinner or peeling vegetables over the sink, because all of that food waste can be safely routed out of your home without creating plumbing risks. All it takes to get the process started is a quick call to Master Tech Service Corp. We’ll walk you through your options, help you choose the right unit, and install it properly so that you can start taking advantage of all the benefits of modern garbage disposals.

When Do I Know It’s Time to Replace My Garbage Disposal?

Not all of our clients call because they want to have new garbage disposals installed. We perform just as many garbage disposal replacements as we do new installations, which is good news if you’re starting to worry about whether yours is nearing the end of its useful lifespan.

The problem with garbage disposal replacement is that it can be hard to decide when it’s time to give up on repairs and invest in a new unit. Our expert plumbers are always happy to offer their professional opinions as to whether a particular repair will be expensive enough to justify replacing the unit. However, you might also want to consider these factors:

  • The presence of a warranty that could cover repair or replacement costs.
  • Whether your current garbage disposal is more than a decade old.
  • If you’re noticing leaks beneath your sink, which generally indicate expensive-to-fix cracks in the casing.
  • How often your current unit needs to be repaired.
  • How much the particular repairs will cost compared to the price of installing a new garbage disposal.
  • Whether you plan to sell the house soon.
  • If you feel that it’s worth dealing with increasingly frequent downtime for repairs.

Whether you opt for another round of repairs or a brand-new garbage disposal, take the time to ask questions about proper use and ongoing maintenance. That way, you’ll be less likely to need expensive repairs in the future. 

Call Master Tech Service Corp for Garbage Disposal Installation or Replacement

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking into installing a garbage disposal for the very first time or if this is the third one you’ve had in as many decades. The expert plumbers and Master Tech Service Corp are here to help. You can contact us online to discuss your project or call us with questions, concerns, or requests for new garbage disposal installations. Whether you’re still on the fence about replacing or repairing an existing unit or you already know exactly what brand you’d like us to install, we’re here to help every step of the way.

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