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Water flowing out of the toilet, coming out of the water heater, or pouring from the pipes under the sink are major issues that have to be fixed fast. That’s where an emergency plumber from Master Tech Service Corp in Irving, TX, can help. When there isn’t time to wait, an emergency plumber service gives you the option of fast repairs so that you can prevent further damage to your home. If you need any help with after-hours plumbing, the pros at Master Tech Service Corp are available right away. 

Don’t let a plumbing emergency disrupt your day. Contact the experienced team at Master Tech Service Corp online or by phone today for fast, reliable emergency plumbing service.

When Is It an Emergency?

Any plumbing issues can prevent the enjoyment of the home, but when it’s an emergency, it can cause other serious issues, too. Toilet water backing up into the home, a burst pipe, and a lack of water to part or all of the home are all issues that require an emergency plumber service. 

If the drains do not work, it might be necessary to call for an emergency drain cleaning to get them working again. Drain cleanings can be an emergency if they impact multiple drains in the home or if there is water backing up into the home. 

When water does back into the home, the first step should be to call an emergency plumbing service for help. Our after-hours plumbing service professionals can provide advice on what to do next and how to handle the situation to keep you safe before we arrive. 

Steps to Deal With an Emergency

It is crucial to take the right steps when there is a plumbing emergency. Water in your home can be dangerous, so it’s best to let an emergency plumber handle the problem. Our 24-hour plumbers can come out any time, day or night, to fix the issue and help make sure it’s safe to enter that area of your home.

If it’s possible and safe to do so, turn off the water in the impacted area. Whether you need an emergency drain cleaning or help with a burst pipe, turning off the water can help minimize the water flowing into the room and prevent water damage. If it’s not possible to turn off the water only in that area, it may be necessary to turn it off for the whole home.

After calling our emergency plumbing service team, it’s important to wait for us to arrive before doing anything else. If it is safe to do so, you may be able to clean up any standing water. If there is any potential for contamination, such as if there is sewer water backing up into the home, do not enter the area as it may not be safe. Sewage and gray water can contain bacteria that can lead to serious medical concerns. 

It also may not be safe to enter the area if the water has reached any electrical components like outlets or wires, as electrocution can occur. Shocks or electrocution can happen if you turn on anything electrical in the room, like the lights, or if you walk through water that is currently in contact with electricity, even if it’s hidden. Instead, let our on-call plumbers handle the situation safely and enter the area only when they say it’s safe to do so. 

Get Fast Help From an Emergency Plumber

When your plumbing system has an issue, and it can’t wait until tomorrow to fix it, an emergency plumber is needed. At Master Tech Service Corp, we can send a 24-hour plumber to your home to make sure any plumbing issue is fixed immediately, even if it’s the weekend or the middle of the night. We can also send an emergency commercial plumber if you have an issue with the plumbing at your business. 

Plumbing issues can be serious and may not be something you can wait to fix. Whether you need an emergency commercial plumber or on-call plumbers who work in homes, our team is ready to help. Any time you call, no matter what time it is or what day it is, we can send an emergency plumber to your home to help get your plumbing fixed. 

If you have a plumbing emergency, contact Master Tech Service Corp immediately for the fast help you need. Reach out through our contact us page or by calling us at (325) 268-8595 to schedule service with our emergency plumbers in Irving, TX.

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