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Emergency Air Conditioning in Irving, TX

Temperatures in Irving during the summer range from 88 to 95 degrees, and you need respite from this humid subtropical climate. Your air conditioner probably runs constantly during the summer to provide this relief. If your AC stops working, call for emergency air conditioning help. Our team at Master Tech Service Corp. is available around the clock. 

We handle your emergency air conditioning repair quickly and effectively. Few repairs require a second visit to the home, as we have the tools and equipment with us when we make this service call. Our technicians can handle a specialized repair or replace the system if that is in your best interests. We always put you first when you choose us as your emergency AC repair team. 

When is an Emergency AC Service Needed?

Customers often want to know when to call us for an emergency AC service. Call us anytime, as we want you to be comfortable in your home. If your unit stops working or makes unusual noises, we can help. We will get someone out to the home for an emergency air conditioning repair. 

Call us for an emergency AC repair if you notice water coming from the AC unit or ice on the outside unit. A burning smell or unusual odor from the unit needs to be investigated. Regardless of what you need, our emergency air conditioning company is here to help. 

Diagnosing the Problem

When our technician visits the home for an emergency air conditioning call, we examine the entire system. We want to ensure we find all problems with the unit, so you don’t need to call us in a day or two to report a new problem with the system. Everyone working for our emergency air conditioning company understands that a problem with one part could weaken other parts within the system. That’s why we feel the repair isn’t complete until the entire system has been inspected and tested. 

Our thoroughness and attention to detail help keep your system in good working order. During this visit, we offer recommendations on maintenance, as this is the best way to avoid the need for an emergency air conditioning service. Our team is prepared to help with emergency repairs, maintenance, tune-ups, the installation of a new system, and more. 

Furthermore, we ensure the repair will resolve the problem. When you call certain companies for emergency air conditioning help, they may come out and add more refrigerant. If there is a leak within the system, however, you will have the same problem in the coming days or weeks. Avoid this by turning to us for your emergency air conditioning needs. We don’t put a bandaid on the issue. We fix it. 

Humidity, such as that seen in Irving during the summer months, can also lead to the need for emergency air conditioning help. Clogs in the condensate drain quickly become apparent when humidity levels rise outdoors. This humidity makes its way into the home, and the system cannot remove it. We’ll clear the drain and get your unit running properly again. 

At times, the problem lies in the system’s electronic components. A compressor or fan control may wear out or the wires and terminals might be corroded. Our technicians handle these issues regularly. With their help, your system will be up and running again quickly. 

Don’t Delay When You Need Air Conditioning Help

Any delay in calling for help may lead to additional damage to the system and a costly repair. Call us as soon as you notice something has changed within the system. Our technicians don’t mind coming out to repair units day or night and on holidays and weekends. We keep our homes at a comfortable temperature and want you to be able to do the same. This call is the first step to doing so when your air conditioner is malfunctioning. 

Why Choose Master Tech Service Corp. as Your Emergency Air Conditioning Service Provider? 

We understand you have choices for your emergency air conditioning provider. Our qualified technicians bring over 100 years of combined experience to each customer interaction and will happily address your emergency air conditioning needs. You can count on dependable, personal service from trained individuals. 

Every technician working for our company holds a license through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. In addition, they undergo comprehensive customer and technical training courses, as you deserve the best. Furthermore, our technicians are EPA certified. This training and certification ensure they will handle your emergency AC service properly. 

We have won many awards for our work, including our emergency air conditioning service offerings. When you call on us for help, you get a trained and qualified professional prepared to do what is needed to get your air conditioning up and running. Call us today. We will happily help with all your AC needs. 

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