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Drain Repair Services in Irving, TX

Drains provide a way for wastewater to be safely removed from the home. Since wastewater can be hazardous, it’s important to make sure the drains are always working properly. When they aren’t, repairs may be required. If any of the drains in your home aren’t working, call Master Tech Service Corp for fast help to get the water flowing again. 

Causes of Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are often caused by things going down the drains that shouldn’t. Wipes, even if they state they are flushable, can quickly clog the drains, as can feminine products, paper towels, and other materials flushed down the toilet. In the kitchen, food waste can cause clogs. Flour, grease, and similar waste should never be poured down the sink, as they can stick to the side of the drain and cause clogs. Never pour paint, cement waste, or other construction materials down the sink, either, as these can cause clogs that are more difficult to clean out. 

Clogged Sewer Lines

Even if items make it down the drain, they can clog the sewer lines. Often, small clogs will be pushed further down the pipes but get stuck in the sewer lines and build up further over time. A plumber will be needed for sewer line repair. Today, techniques like using repipe lining may make repairs easier if the clog ends up causing damage to the sewer line, but it’s crucial to prevent this as much as possible. Sewer lines contain hazardous wastewater, so cracked pipes or leaks can be dangerous. 

Damage Caused by Clogs

Clogs prevent water from easily moving through the pipes. When this happens, pressure can start to build up on one side of the clog since the water isn’t able to move through the pipes easily. This can lead to burst or cracked pipes, which can cause water to leak into the home. Water that’s leaking can damage any porous items and cause the growth of mold, which can be hazardous and lead to health concerns for anyone living in the home. Professional water leak repair will then be required as soon as possible to prevent significant water damage to the home. 

How to Remove Clogs

Removing clogs may be possible for homeowners to do on their own, depending on the cause of the clog and the size. One method that is successful for organic or smaller clogs is to pour baking soda down the drain. After this sits for a few minutes, pour vinegar into the drain. Let this sit and work for a while, then clean the drain with boiling water. If this doesn’t work, professional leak repair will be needed. 

Professional Repair Services

When the clog isn’t easy to remove or the drain breaks and starts to leak, a professional’s help will be needed. The professional will start with an inspection and leak detection to determine the extent of the damage and where it’s located. Today, they can use cameras in the drains to look further into them and get a more accurate view of the exact problem. 

After the damage is detected, the technician will suggest ways to fix it and provide advice on preventing clogs or other damage in the future. The drain line repair can include replacing a section of the drain, relining the drain lines, or other techniques depending on the type of damage and extent. It is important to have the repair done as quickly as possible to prevent the issue from getting worse and protect the home from further damage. 

Preventing Clogs

Clogs are the most common reason homeowners call for drain repairs, so preventing them can help homeowners save money. Be wary of what is flushed down the toilet or poured down drains in the house. Many items can’t be put down the drain, as they are likely to cause clogs. Use devices designed to trap hair and other debris in sinks and showers to help keep the drains clear. Keep an eye out for slow draining or other issues so any clogs that do occur can be fixed before they get worse. 

The plumbing inside a home is crucial, so whether it’s a leaky faucet requiring faucet repair or a drain that’s stopped working, fast help is needed. Today, there are plenty of techniques that can successfully repair damaged or clogged drains and make sure they’re working again, helping to remove hazardous wastewater from the home. If you suspect there are any issues with the drains in your home, call Master Tech now for help.

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