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Homeowners don’t give a lot of thought to their drains until one stops working. It can be scary to see the water just sitting there, not going down the drain at all or going down slower than expected. It can also be dangerous if the water is left sitting for a long period of time before the sink is fixed. However, there are fixes available to get the drain working again. At Master Tech, we offer expert drain cleaning services to make sure your drains work as expected. We can help with any drain clogs, no matter where they are in the pipes. 

Signs Drain Cleaning is Needed

Homeowners may notice a clogged drain when they see water sitting in a sink or the shower long after it should have drained down. If water is slow to drain or if it just stays and doesn’t go down the drain at all, it’s likely there is a clog somewhere in the system. When only one drain is clogged, it’s likely that the issue is somewhere close to that drain. When the water is slow to drain throughout the home, clogged pipes further down may be the culprit. If all of the drains are having trouble, sewer drain cleaning might be needed. 

How to Clean the Drains

There are a few things homeowners can try before calling for help. Small tools are available to remove clogged hair and other debris in the pipes, but they don’t go down far. They’re useful for cleaning a shower drain or the sink but won’t reach clogs that are further down in the pipes. Homeowners can also try removing as much water as possible, then pour baking soda into the drain. After a few minutes, pour vinegar into the drain. Let that sit for a few minutes, then use boiling water to rinse. This can clear up small clogs but won’t work for harder clogs or ones further down the pipes. 

When to Call in the Pros

If the clogs don’t go away using the above methods or there are multiple drains that are clogged, it’s time to call a plumbing company for help. A drain cleaning service can help remove clogs no matter where they are in the system, allowing homeowners to start using the drains again without worry. It’s also a good idea to call a drain cleaning plumber if the issues happen regularly or if sewer cleaning is needed to make sure all of the drains in the home work properly. Any time there is a question about how to get the drains clean, calling plumbers is the best way to handle it. 

How Pro Drain Cleaning is Done

Professionals will use a variety of methods to make sure the pipes are cleaned thoroughly to remove the clog and prevent it from happening again. Though snakes were routinely used in the past, they can cause damage to older pipes, which will lead to more plumbing problems. Instead, experts today often opt for hydro jet cleaning. This method uses a powerful spray of water to break up the clog and move it through the pipes. This is much safer for the pipes and allows them to be cleaned quickly and easily, eliminating the clog to prevent more issues in the future. 

What to Do in an Emergency

Sometimes, drain issues can become an emergency and require prompt care, especially if there are multiple drains in the house having problems at the same time. When this happens, emergency drain cleaning is available. The first thing to do is make sure no more water will enter the area. If possible, it may be a good idea to remove as much of the sitting water as possible. This makes it easier for the drain cleaning company to work. Then, call the company and request emergency services. They’ll arrive quickly and make sure the drains are cleaned, so they work as expected again. 

Drains do occasionally require cleaning to make sure they work as expected. No one wants to step out of the shower and realize the water isn’t going down or start cooking in the kitchen, only to realize it’s not possible to wash the dishes because the drain isn’t working. When these problems occur, Master Tech is available to help. We offer professional drain cleaning services to safely and quickly remove any clogs, and we can be there in an emergency, too. Call today to schedule a drain cleaning or to get fast help for an emergency situation.

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