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Camera Inspection Plumbing in Irving, TX

Plumbing issues can be difficult to repair because it can be hard to figure out exactly where the issue is in the long pipes. The plumbing system inside a home is extensive, so it is possible a clog, leak, or other damage is somewhere far in the pipes instead of near the surface, where it might be easier to spot. When any plumbing issues arise and it’s hard to tell where the issue is occurring, a camera inspection plumbing service may be needed for proper diagnosis and repairs. If you need an inspection of your plumbing system, call Master Tech for help now.  

How is a Camera Used in Plumbing?

The cameras used for plumbing are tiny and attached to the end of a flexible cord. They can be pushed through the plumbing system in the home, giving the plumber the opportunity to see exactly what the inside of the pipes looks like. By doing this, plumbers can see exactly where problems start and what’s causing the problem. If there’s a leak, for instance, it might not always be possible to tell where the water originates since it can travel behind the walls before becoming noticeable. A camera can be used for leak detection by going through the pipes and looking for any damage from the inside. Once the damage is found, repairs can be done. 

Reasons to Do a Plumbing Inspection

Homeowners may not know if there is a plumbing problem in their homes, as leaks and drain issues may not be easy to detect until they get a lot worse. Yet, a prompt call to a plumbing company can help repair the issue faster and prevent further damage, helping the homeowner save money. Homeowners who notice the following may want to call and schedule an inspection to detect and repair the potential issue fast. 

Increasing Water Bills

If the water bills are increasing for no apparent reason, it’s likely there is a leak somewhere in the home. The water may not be noticeable yet, but the increased cost for water can indicate that water is leaking and the pipes will need to be repaired as soon as possible. 

Unexplained Water Stains

Water stains that appear on the walls or floors may indicate a leak. It is crucial to clean up the water as soon as possible and have the leak repaired, or it can lead to the growth of mold within the home. A camera inspection can make it easy to figure out if the unexplained water stains are from a leak. 

Water Won’t Drain

When the water doesn’t drain, it’s likely because of a clog somewhere in the pipes or sewer line. A camera inspection makes it easy to figure out where the clog is located and determine what’s needed to fix it again. 

What the Plumber Can See

As the camera moves through the pies, the plumber can see everything in real-time. They have control over the speed of the camera, so they can slow down and get a closer look if they find anything that looks out of place or unusual. When the plumber does find the source of the problem, they can use the imaging on the camera with other information to determine exactly where repairs are needed without having to worry about poking holes in the wall to look for a leak or digging up the whole yard to fix a small part of the sewer lines. 

Determining the Right Repairs

When there are any issues with the plumbing, the inspection is just the first part of the process. From there, it’s necessary to determine the correct repairs to fix the problem and help prevent it from happening again. Depending on what caused the leak or drain issues, the plumber may recommend drain cleaning, repiping, sewer line repair, or other services. It is important for the homeowner to have the repairs done as quickly as possible to prevent further damage inside the home, especially within the walls, where it’s more difficult to notice the damage happening. 

When something goes wrong with the home’s plumbing, fast plumbing repair is needed. However, it’s not always easy to tell where the issue is or what caused it. That’s where an inspection can help. With the latest in technology, a plumbing company can now use a camera to do the inspection and determine exactly where the issue is within the plumbing system, allowing them to do the repairs right. If you’re worried about plumbing issues and would like to have an inspection done, contact Master Tech Service Corp for an appointment now. 

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