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Isn’t it a drag when your air conditioning goes out on a hot day? At Master Tech Service Corp, we know that losing your air conditioning at an inconvenient time can be a real pain. No one wants to be dripping sweat in the one place they should feel the most comfortable. 

This is why having a working air conditioner year-round is so important! Keeping your AC unit in top-notch condition will help provide your family with comfort and your home a healthy environment.

The team at Master Tech Service Corp is dedicated to providing top-quality air conditioning services throughout Richland Hills and the surrounding areas. 

Our team of industry experts can perform everything from AC installations to yearly cooling system maintenance.

Read on to learn more about the AC services we provide and why they’re important for keeping your air conditioner at peak performance.

Expert Repair Services

Have you found yourself typing “AC repair in Richland Hills” into your browser’s search bar? Consider your search for a great AC repair service over! The Master Tech Service Corp team of professionals are experts in all areas of air conditioning repair.

Our technicians can perform all of the following AC repair services (and more!):

  • Replace the AC compressor
  • Detect and fix any refrigerant leaks
  • Replace the circuit board
  • Replace the thermostat
  • Replace the home air compressor
  • Recharge refrigerant
  • Replace fuses, circuit breakers, or relays

When you are experiencing problems with your AC unit, it’s important to have them fixed as soon as possible. Leaving certain problems unresolved can lead to larger issues down the line, including ones that may require a full replacement of your unit.

To make sure that you address any AC problems early, be on the lookout for the following indicators of distress:

  • Foul odors coming from the unit
  • Inability to reach cool temperatures
  • Increase in utility bills
  • Poor airflow
  • Unit turns on and off constantly
  • Leaking around the unit
  • Making strange noises

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, please call the staff at Master Tech Service Corp right away. We’ll tackle your AC issues so that you don’t have to worry about a bigger problem down the road!

Professional AC Installation

If your air conditioner has had numerous repairs and still isn’t working properly, it may be time to have a new one professionally installed. This is usually the case for units that are more than ten years old.

When your home requires a new air conditioner, there’s no need to start searching for “AC replacement near me” — the professionals at Master Tech Service Corp are highly experienced in AC installation. 

We work with all types of cooling units, which means that we can provide the perfect type of equipment for your home!

Our vast selection of AC units includes systems with innovative features like air purification and temperature zoning.

If you’re unsure about what system to choose for your home, our technicians can work with you to find the best unit to fit your property’s unique needs.

Annual AC Maintenance

The best way to avoid costly AC repairs or an emergency HVAC replacement is to schedule regular air conditioning maintenance. The experts at Master Tech Service Corp offer annual AC tune-ups that will help to ensure your air conditioner operates at peak performance.

As part of the yearly AC maintenance service to your unit, one of our expert technicians will cover all of the following areas:

  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Clean the condenser coil
  • Check the unit’s electrical components
  • Inspect the condenser fan motor
  • Change air filters
  • Flush the condensate drain

We recommend scheduling your annual air conditioner maintenance in the early-to-mid spring to make sure that your cooling unit is ready to take on the summer months!

Master Tech Service Corp Air Conditioning Services

If you need HVAC repair or other air conditioning services in the Richland Hills area, you can count on Master Tech Service Corp to get the job done right.

Our team provides everything from AC tune-up work to HVAC installation services. We are highly trained and committed to customer satisfaction. This is why so many Richland Hills residents trust us with their home’s HVAC needs.

The professionals at Master Tech Service Corp want your family to be comfortable all year. We’ll show up at your house with a fully-loaded truck, ready to tackle your home’s heating and cooling issues with ease.

If you need expert and professional HVAC services, call the staff at Master Tech Service Corp today!

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