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In Irving, Texas, keeping cool is just a part of life. Many consider it the bare minimum for a Texas home, and because of that, 90% of properties sold in the Dallas-Fort Worth area come equipped with an air conditioning system. But your air conditioner, just like any other home climate appliance, is a complex piece of machinery that requires consistent work and maintenance.

At Master Tech, we’re familiar with all aspects of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. From HVAC repair to HVAC replacement, we have the skills and experience you need to keep your home comfortable through any season. Read more below to learn more! 

When to Pursue AC Repair in Irving

Your air conditioner works hard to take in warm air and turn it into the perfect amount of chill for your household. But sometimes things go wrong, and your AC unit can no longer do what it’s designed to. If your air conditioning stops being able to cool your entire house consistently, or if it’s not cooling at all, you should call Master Tech for an AC repair. 

A technician from our team can come to your property and inspect your cooling system. Based on what they find, they will either perform the repair needed or suggest a replacement unit. This may seem like a tough choice. But if it’s your unit’s natural time to go, you’ll find a lot of benefits in an AC upgrade.

The Benefits of an AC Installation

A good way to tell that you should get a cooling upgrade is if you’ve been searching the web for an “AC replacement near me.” You can trust your instincts, just as you can trust us to perform a perfect new air conditioner installation. 

Modern air conditioners are like a shiny new toy. Their technology is better and allows them to run stronger and more efficiently. At first, they cost more, but many Texas utility companies like Texas New Mexico Power, AEP Texas, or Oncor Electric Delivery can provide a substantial rebate for a new AC installation. 

And when you upgrade, you’ll no longer have to spend the money you would’ve on maintaining an outdated cooling system. All you need is to keep up with regular maintenance to make the most out of your investment. 

AC Maintenance Through Master Tech 

Like any HVAC installation, your air conditioner needs consistent tune-ups. You know you can call Master Tech for your AC repair, but when the summer hits Irving, you don’t want to wait for service in a house with no cool air. 

A repair is necessary when a problem with your AC has escalated to the point where the unit is no longer functional. On the other hand, you should do AC maintenance at least once before a hot season. 

Even if your air conditioner is running without a problem, any unit can benefit from annual maintenance. That’s partly because, after months of not being used, a certain degree of dust and other particulates can affect an AC’s capabilities. Any system could use a little polish at that point, and when you go to Master Tech for your air conditioner maintenance, your system will: 

  • Run stronger 
  • Work more efficiently 
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Lower your energy bill

And with regular maintenance, our team will be able to catch smaller faults before they turn into more costly repairs. You don’t need to wait for a full breakdown to take action. All you need is some preparation to stay cool for another summer.

HVAC Services at Master Tech 

For homes in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area and the Permian Basin, Master Tech has handled all aspects of HVAC for over a hundred years of collected experience. Whether we’re working in commercial or residential properties, we’ve built a reputation of trust and expertise in our community. 

Every technician that works on the Master Tech team is licensed through multiple channels and are taken through customer service courses and training. We have strived to build a skilled and fully insured team一not to mention made up entirely of technicians certified through the Environmental Protection Agency. 

We do all this because we want homes across Irving, Including Hackand Creek and Las Colinas, to have the very best HVAC care we could possibly offer. So to care for your air conditioning in every aspect, call Master Tech today. We keep a cool head even in the hottest cases.

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