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Hot Texas summers are perfect for plenty of activities, but there needs to be somewhere to cool off after a day outside. When the AC isn’t working, the home won’t be cool enough, and it won’t be comfortable. Instead, at the first sign of any issue, Master Tech is ready to help. Expert HVAC services allow us to make sure your house is a cool place to come home to after whatever you spend the day doing during the summer. If you notice any issues with the air conditioner, schedule an appointment right away for fast help. 

AC Installations and Replacements in Frisco

Older AC units aren’t going to work as efficiently and are going to break down more frequently. If the unit has gotten to this point, it’s time to consider air conditioning replacement. An air conditioner replacement allows you to upgrade to a newer unit that’s more energy efficient, saving you money on energy bills, and that’s going to work properly to keep your home cool. An AC replacement company can provide recommendations on which unit to purchase to keep the home comfortable all summer long. 

Repairing Versus Replacing

It can be hard to determine if AC repair is needed or if it’s better to go with an AC system replacement. If the unit is newer and breaks down, repairs are likely all that will be needed. If, however, it breaks down frequently, it may need to be replaced. An AC replacement will be recommended for units that are more than 10 years old, especially if they require significant repairs to work properly again. Most units last around 15 to 20 years with proper care, so if the unit is this old, an AC system replacement is likely going to be the better option in the long run. 

AC Repairs in Frisco

The most common HVAC service requested by customers is for repairs. We offer numerous cooling services to help keep the unit in good condition and make sure it can help keep the home cool. Before doing repairs, we will do a full inspection. This includes a wiring inspection and determining if something like the AC condenser coil is in need of cleaning or replacement. Once we find the problem, our AC repair company can complete the repair fast.

It is important to call for cooling system repair as soon as any issues are noticed. Signs that air conditioning repair might be needed include failing to cool the home properly, not turning off when the house is at the right temperature, making odd noises, or any odd smells. If anything is unusual, it’s better to call for cooling system repairs rather than wait and see if it gets worse. 

AC Maintenance and Tune-Ups in Frisco

Proper care can help the air conditioner last as long as possible, so we recommend regular maintenance and an air conditioner tune-up as needed. We offer a variety of AC services, including an HVAC tune-up to keep your system working right. With an AC tune-up, anything that is dirty can be cleaned to help make the system more efficient, and anything that’s starting to wear out can be replaced, allowing the unit to work like new again. This helps the air conditioner last much longer and can help prevent potential issues. 

Duct Cleaning in Frisco

If the air ducts are full of dust and debris, the air quality indoors will be poor. A duct cleaning is recommended to get rid of any dust and debris in the ducts. After the air duct cleaning, the air within the home will be healthier to breathe. With clean air ducts, the dust isn’t moved throughout the home anymore, and it won’t reach the AC system and cause excess wear and tear. The air duct and vent cleaning can help keep the AC system in better condition, helping it last a lot longer. Our team offers vent and air duct cleaning services so you can make sure the job is done right. If you’re worried about the air quality in the home, it’s time to call for an AC duct cleaning now. 

Keeping the AC unit in great shape and replacing it if needed can help keep the house cool no matter how hot it gets outside. If you’re enjoying the weather, the last thing you want is to come back to a hot home. Let us take a look at your system to see what’s going on and what’s needed to get it working and make your home comfortable. Call Master Tech now to schedule AC services.

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