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If you find yourself searching for “AC replacement near me,” you must have a problem on your hands. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! Master Tech Service Corp is ready to provide you with whatever air conditioning services in Fort Worth you need, whether HVAC replacement, AC maintenance, or anything in between. We’ll help you resolve your heating or cooling issues in no time!

Our Services

There are a variety of reasons you may find yourself needing air conditioning services in Fort Worth. Perhaps you know your unit is overdue for a tune-up, or you’ve been putting off that HVAC repair until you can include it in your budget. At Master Tech Service Corp, we can handle repairs, replacements, and installations of HVAC and AC units. 


No machine runs perfectly forever. A time will come when you need AC repair in Fort Worth. The Texas summers can really push your cooling system to the limit and wear it down faster than you may realize.

Because we understand the importance of keeping your home comfortable, we offer same-day service for AC and HVAC repairs. We always come to appointments prepared and do everything we can to fix your issue on the spot. Plus, when you sign up for our USA Plan, you’ll receive 15% off repairs, along with reliable maintenance for whatever type of system you have. 


When repairs aren’t enough, we can also assist you with your HVAC or AC replacement. Sometimes replacing your unit with a newer model is more cost-effective than continuing to repair the old one. Our technicians will help you determine when this time has come and give you all your options.

We always do a thorough inspection of your home to ensure your new unit will be the right one for your needs and that everything that needs replacement gets it. The last thing we want is to have a customer with a newly installed unit facing problems!


AC Installation in new homes can be a daunting process, so let our technicians assist you with the decision-making. Perhaps your new build would be better off having HVAC installation as opposed to just an AC system. We can weigh all the pros and cons with you, and once you make your decision, we’ll jump into action.  

When to Leave It to the Professionals

Your Fort Worth home’s HVAC or AC unit is a complex appliance that requires proper care and attention year-round. Sometimes homeowners can perform simple tasks, like replacing or cleaning the air filter every three to six months, but other times it’s best to call certified technicians to handle the job. Below are some signs that it’s time to pick up the phone and contact us. 

Fluctuating Temps

If the temperature in your home is not where you think it should be, there’s probably something going on with your system. It’s normal to have second-story rooms feel a bit warmer than downstairs, but if notice changes from room to room or day to day, contact us to determine the cause. 

Leaks in the Unit

Anytime you have leaks coming from your unit, it’s important to call a trained professional. Some leaks could be dangerous chemicals, while even something as harmless as water signifies a bigger issue internally.

Blocked Airflow

When your unit is running, and you put your hand up to an air vent, you should be able to feel the airflow. If this isn’t the case, something in your ductwork or vents could be blocking circulation, causing your unit to have to work harder. 

Strange Smells or Sounds

An air conditioner will naturally make noise when it kicks on and off, but the noise should be relatively subtle. Hearing loud clanking, screeching, or whistling sounds means elements within the unit are loose or worn down. Also, any strange smells coming from your unit, especially burning or chemical-like odors, mean an expert needs to inspect it immediately. 

Increased Utility Bills

When your air conditioning isn’t working properly, you’ll notice it in your monthly bills. Any significant increase in usage means your unit is struggling to keep up, and sometimes all it needs is a quick repair. For units older than 10 or 15 years, high energy bills may be a sign of needing replacement. 

Master Tech Service Corp to the Rescue!

With years of experience and training, our qualified technicians can offer you unparalleled air conditioning services in Fort Worth. Get in touch with us anytime you need maintenance, repairs, replacement, or installation for an HVAC or AC unit, and we’ll be happy to help!

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