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At Farmers Branch, it’s likely your home already has some kind of cooling system installed. Almost every modern home in Texas has an air conditioning system of some sort, which means practically every homeowner must find the right provider for their HVAC services.

Master Tech Service Corp has a specialized focus on everything heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. We offer our services to homes across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. So for your Farmers Branch home, keep reading to learn what we can do to make sure you can face the summer with comfort.

Finding the Best AC Repair in Farmers Branch

Any HVAC repair is best when the unit in question no longer works as designed, and your air conditioner is no different. Many possible problems can disrupt the function of an air conditioner, like if it starts blowing warm air or producing leakage around the base of a unit. These kinds of things can be the cause of:

  • A clogged filter
  • Refrigerant leakage
  • A frozen evaporator coil

At Master Tech Service Corps, we can fix a majority of issues with AC repair. However, if your system is older than ten years or the repairs cost more than the unit’s worth, we may suggest an HVAC replacement.

AC Installation with Master Tech Service Corp

With us, the process of an HVAC installation is simple and allows you to feel the benefits of a cooling upgrade sooner rather than later. When you switch to a modern air conditioner, you can enjoy a system that cools stronger and better. They’re more effective at their jobs, but at the same time, they’re eco-conscious and work on less energy than old units. 

They also provide many opportunities to save money. Texas utility companies like Texas-New Mexico Power or Oncor Electric Delivery can offer a rebate of up to $2800 for installing a new air conditioner within their parameters. Check what company powers your home, and see if they’d be willing to chip in for the cost of your new AC!

And once you’ve upgraded, you no longer have to put money into trying to make a non-functional unit run. Instead, you can trust Master Tech Service Corp to enhance your home comfort with security, and all you need to do then is call us back for annual maintenance sessions.

Our AC Maintenance Process

Unlike repairs, you should call us for AC maintenance before the system breaks down entirely. In fact, we suggest that homeowners in Farmers Branch get their air conditioners maintained once a year before the hot season rolls in. That’s why we call them ”tune-ups” because that’s exactly what any system needs after a period lying dormant.

During a tune-up through Master Tech Service Corp, we will send a trained technician to your home with a checklist designed to inspect and adjust your AC comprehensively. That may include:

  • Cleaning the condenser coils
  • Evaluating the level of coolant
  • Calibrating the thermostat 
  • Tightening the electrical connections that may need it

Once they finish, your system will be running at its best capacity. Anything that could lead to a costly repair will be dealt with before it becomes an issue. When you do this process consistently, you can ensure your air conditioner lasts for as long as it’s designed to. More than that, you can know for certain that you can rely on your cooling system for another season.

Master Tech Service Corp for HVAC in Farmers Branch

Owning and maintaining your home’s HVAC system is not a one-and-done situation. You need to make a relationship with a reliable provider in your area that you can come to again and again for maintenance, repairs, or installations. And no matter how much you google “AC Replacement near me,” none of our competitors in the DFW area have the combined experience of Master Tech Service Corp.

With over a hundred years combined of education and experience, Master Tech Service Corp strives to provide professional service our community can rely on. We have a team that is fully licensed and receives regular training on customer service techniques. They’re all certified under the guidelines of the EPA and fully insured, so there’s no risk to you when you work with us.

Your HVAC system is the key to your comfort in Farmers Branch. So trust that comfort in the hands of Master Tech Service Corp. We can put in the work to get you through the worst heat, and we’ll do it in style!

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