AC Inspection

Do You Need An AC Inspection?

They say “if you don’t like the Texas weather, wait 5 minutes, it will change.” Most of you have experienced what that phrase suggests. In Texas, you may start the day with the heater on, but you’ll be setting your thermostat to “Cool” by lunchtime.

Here is the real question: is your AC ready to handle the suffocating summer season? If you do not have it examined each year, it’s a roll of the dice.

Even if your Air Conditioner operates all summer long without having an examination, it may not be running at peak performance. And you could have some festering issues that cause expensive repair services in the future.

New compressor, anyone?

Bearing that in mind, there’s an appropriate method and a wrong way to perform an ac unit examination. In fact, there are a number of wrong ways. Several HVAC service providers just don’t do a great deal of the things they should certainly do throughout an assessment. Cleaning your coil, inspecting compressor amp draw, flushing the drainpipe line; these are “must do” Air Conditioner maintenance tasks that need to take place annually.

At Master Tech Service Corps, we do all those things during our Air Conditioning Inspections. We do a whole lot more too.

Air conditioning system inspection basics

Before we study AC Inspection essentials, we need to obtain a sense of what ought to occur when a HVAC service technician executes your examination.

At one of the most standard, fundamental degree, an annual A/C inspection as well as preventative upkeep check out need to contain:

If your Air Conditioning evaluation doesn’t consist of every one of the above, it’s not a total inspection.

At Master Tech Service Corp, our examination does cover every one of these upkeep, testing, and evaluation jobs. You might have observed that we inspect of a lot of points that HVAC specialists disregard. The fixed stress test is particularly important since the results can help you extend the life of your equipment.

Without an evaluation this comprehensive, you might wind up with a less-than-optimal AC and Heating situation. We do not want that, and neither do you.


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