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As temperatures in Texas rise, homeowners and business owners turn to their cooling systems to stay comfortable. While air conditioners should run efficiently, overused and damaged systems won’t work at their peak. Regular AC tune-ups in Irving, TX, catch problems, keep them from becoming bigger, and ensure reliable operation. 

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What Is an AC Tune-Up and How Is It Different From AC Maintenance?

Tune-ups and maintenance sound similar, but there are a few differences. When we perform an air conditioner tune-up, we take a more in-depth approach by taking steps like:

  • Flushing condensate drains
  • Calibrating thermostats
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Cleaning condenser coils
  • Replacing or cleaning air filters
  • Tightening and inspecting electrical connections
  • Replacing faulty components
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Evaluating the blower belt and motor’s performance

An AC tune-up provides peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else. We can answer any of your questions and address other concerns when you call for a no-obligation estimate.

Steps to Take

Along with regular tune-ups, there are several things property owners can do to protect their air conditioners, including:

  • Regular filter changes: When filters are clogged with dirt and dust, they won’t let air through. Replace your filter every 90 days or more often in dusty areas.
  • Condensing unit cleanings: Dirt and debris on condenser coils and fins may inhibit airflow and limit heat dissipation. 
  • Using heat-generating appliances wisely: Use ovens and stoves during the mornings or evenings to limit home heating and reduce the strain on your AC.

Call now for more advice on staying cool or to schedule an air conditioner tune-up with us.

The Benefits of Regular AC Tune-Ups in Irving

As the days get hotter in Texas, your AC will face more strain. Air conditioners need regular tune-ups like vehicles do, and a local AC tune-up can prevent unexpected breakdowns while providing other benefits:

  • Saving money by reducing the need for costly repairs: A call for a home AC tune-up now may prevent an emergency later. Our technicians often find minor issues during tune-ups, making it easier and less expensive for them to resolve these problems. Seasonal tune-ups can also help you save money on utilities every month.
  • Extending a system’s lifespan: Regular tune-ups extend system lifespans and reduce the need for replacement. Air conditioners work hard to keep Texas homes and businesses cool and these systems don’t function unless all components work together.
  • Keeping cold air flowing all summer: Air conditioners are exposed to the elements, and the machinery often collects dust, grime, and dirt. Prevent sudden breakdowns and schedule fewer emergency repairs with an AC tune-up.
  • Keeping homes and businesses safe: Seasonal tune-ups can keep properties safe by detecting leaks, condensation problems, and loose wiring.
  • Better air comfort and quality: Regular tune-ups allow our certified technicians to address minor concerns you’ve learned to deal with. Our customers depend on their air conditioners to stay comfortable all season. With routine drain cleanings and filter changes, you will breathe easier.
  • Helping the environment: A local AC tune-up can help property owners reduce their carbon footprint. We’re here to keep your system running efficiently.

Finally, investing in an air conditioning tune-up gives customers peace of mind. If something goes wrong, it’s less likely to be a serious problem—and when issues arise, we’ll be here to address them. Call to schedule AC tune-up services in Irving, TX.

Are You Due for an AC Tune-Up?

As air conditioners work, they vibrate, and their parts may become misaligned. While such a system may still work, it won’t run as efficiently as it should.

The most effective way to keep an air conditioner working at peak efficiency is to schedule seasonal tune-ups. Texas’ hot climate makes it all too easy to overwork an AC. Without regular inspections, you may be facing large and sudden repair bills. When you have a Master Tech Service Corp technician evaluating your system twice a year, it’s easy to spot problems before they become unmanageable. Call to schedule your next appointment for a home AC tune-up.

Schedule an AC Tune-Up With Master Tech Service Corp in Irving, TX

A tune-up is a crucial part of a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan. Seasonal tune-ups from Master Tech Service Corp lengthen a system’s life while preserving its performance. Our certified, trained, licensed, and background-checked technicians are here to keep your air conditioner in top condition during the spring and summer. 

Ensure that your cooling system is in top shape by scheduling an AC tune-up service with the trusted professionals at Master Tech Service Corp. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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