AC Services in Watauga

A strong air conditioning system is vital for lasting comfort while enduring a Watauga summer. If you don’t have an AC unit for your home, or your AC needs a little help, Master Tech Service Corp can help. 

Put the fans away and give us a call. We can install, replace, repair, and maintain any AC system in the Watauga area.

AC Installation and Replacement

There’s no better way to cut through the heat than with a reliable whole-home air conditioner. Whether you’re getting AC installed for the first time or replacing an older system, our technicians will help you pick the right type and size for your house. 

You can trust us to only recommend high-efficiency AC units appropriate for the size of your home. Never larger than you need, never smaller than you want. 

When choosing Master Tech Service Corp, you have a selection of AC units available to you that come with optional perks that can improve your comfort at home. These include whole-house air cleaners, media filters, area zoning, and high-performance blowers. 

When to Replace Your AC

An air conditioning system is a major part of your home, and it’s understandable to want to keep it around for as long as possible. Still, there are some warning signs your AC can present that will tell you when a replacement is a good idea. 

The first is age. If you’ve had your AC for ten years or more, its energy efficiency has likely degraded significantly. A new system will be stronger and more efficient, saving you a lot of money on monthly energy bills.

Frequent repairs are another sign. Regardless of your unit’s age, if you find your AC needing repairs every season or a few times per season, AC replacement will be the cost-effective solution to this nightmare.  

AC Repair in Watauga

A broken AC has a way of making a hot day hotter. Many people find out their AC is broken down right when they need it most, and they’re left to deal with that stressful Watauga heat. 

Master Tech Service Corp won’t let you deal with that alone. Our technicians will get your system working again so you can enjoy the cool comfort of your own home. We have the expertise and training to troubleshoot your AC easily, allowing us to repair your system as quickly as possible.

When to Get AC Repairs

It’s not always so easy to know when your AC needs some help. While your AC might break down and stop working altogether, there are usually some symptoms that could give you a heads up ahead of time. 

If your AC is behaving strangely, producing unusual sounds or smells, or can’t evenly cool your home, you should contact Master Tech Service Corp for our HVAC repair services. 

AC Maintenance in Watauga

Regular AC maintenance is tied to the extended health of your system. We recommend at least one AC tune-up per year to ensure you get optimal performance out of your unit. 

AC maintenance isn’t just for older systems either. Even if your system seems perfectly healthy, it’s important to get a tune-up every year to keep it that way. 

When you book AC maintenance with Master Tech Service Corp, our technician will check and tighten all electrical connections, calibrate your thermostat, check the coolant level, change the filter, and examine your ducts for air leaks.

Benefits of an AC Tune-Up

AC maintenance isn’t something you should put off, and here’s why: Over time, your AC will naturally lose a little bit of its energy efficiency, especially if it’s older. Without regular maintenance, your AC’s efficiency drops at an accelerated rate. This inefficiency leads to some seriously inflated energy bills. 

AC maintenance will not only keep your energy bills low — it will keep your unit in good shape. If any problems are starting to occur in your system, a tune-up will catch them. This foresight allows you to fix the problem before it turns into a big issue or an expensive repair.

What You Can Expect from Master Tech Service Corp

Whether you’re looking for HVAC replacement, installation, or routine maintenance, Master Tech Service Corp promises to deliver the best work possible. Master Tech Service Corp is fully licensed and insured and only employs EPA-certified technicians. 

With over a century of combined experience, our award-winning service team is second to none. When you need help from Master Tech Service Corp, you can trust us to get the job done right the first time.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Don’t hesitate if you need any of our services, whether it’s an HVAC installation or just a tune-up. Call us today to book a free no-obligation appointment. We do our best to come out the very same day.

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