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AC Replacement in Irving, TX

A working air conditioner is essential if you live in Irving. The hot and humid summers make life unbearable if you do not have one of these devices in your home. You need an AC replacement quickly when your unit stops working and a repair won’t fix it. Call Master Tech Service Corp to get on the schedule. 

This is one task you should not leave to any company. You need the best AC replacement company in this situation, as any problems with the AC installation could result in you sweltering in your home longer. Our team has over 100 years of experience, so you know we do the job right the first time. Call us today to set up your appointment for an AC replacement. 

The First Step

When you call us for an HVAC replacement, the first step our technician takes when they arrive at the home is they inspect the unit. They may find a repair will suffice. However, if they don’t, they will discuss an AC unit replacement. 

Repair or Replace?

You may worry about the AC replacement cost. Consider the cost of an AC compressor replacement. In most cases, it makes more sense to replace the unit than to replace this part. Simply because it is possible to repair the unit doesn’t always mean it is wise to do so. 

When considering which step to take, look at the cost of the repair. If it is over 40 percent of the cost of a new unit, opt for an HVAC replacement. You should replace a unit that is over ten years old. The AC replacement cost will probably be less than the cost of repairs in the coming years, as the unit has been exposed to wear and tear. Furthermore, new units are more energy efficient than models made ten years ago. You’ll save money each month by choosing an AC unit replacement. 

We are the best AC replacement company to help you decide which option is best. Most companies will tell you it makes sense to purchase a new unit rather than invest in an AC compressor replacement. However, with smaller repairs, they may not be so forthcoming. We are always honest with you about the benefits and drawbacks of this installation. 

Is It Time to Consider Replacing Your AC?

Your current air conditioner may be working fine, so you aren’t considering an AC replacement. However, maybe you should. Newer models often come with smart features that allow you to control the HVAC even when you aren’t home. 

New units use less energy, as previously mentioned, and the manufacturer’s warranty will cover any repairs on the unit. You won’t need to worry about a large repair bill when you least expect it. The home will cool evenly, so your family will be more comfortable, and the value of your home goes up. When you consider the cost of an AC installation and the benefits you receive from choosing this option, it’s easy to see a replacement unit is often the best choice. 

Once the new unit is in place, we walk you through using it to ensure you get the maximum value from your purchase. We also explain how to maintain the unit, so you save on your energy bills and extend the unit’s lifespan. We are here to answer questions if you need help with your new AC, as your satisfaction remains our top priority. 

Why Choose Master Tech Service Corp for Your AC Replacement Project? 

When you are spending money on an AC replacement, you want to know if the company handling this task will do the job right. In addition, you’ll feel better knowing they have a good customer service team if problems arise in the future and will back the work their technicians do. Finding a company that will fulfill these requirements isn’t always easy. When you choose to work with Master Tech Service Corp, however, you get all the above and more. 

Our technicians provide AC replacement and more throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. Customers love our work and it shows in the awards we have received. We were honored to be named an Angie’s List Super Service Award winner three times and are a Home Advisor Top-Rated Elite Contractor. These are only two of the several awards we have received. 

We believe this is due in part to our commitment to employing outstanding individuals. Every person working for our company is EPA certified and licensed through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. When you call on us for any HVAC service, you get a trained and qualified technician who will resolve the matter proficiently. Make an appointment to have us visit your home today.

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