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AC Installation in Irving, TX

Texas summers can be brutal with the onslaught of heat. Temperatures can easily inch up to 100 or even above. Without a cooling system, many homeowners would swelter in the heat, making life more uncomfortable and even dangerous.

Our AC Installation Services Keep Homes Cool and Comfortable

During the summer, homes can become much hotter inside than outside due to the high level of sealed construction. When an old air conditioner is no longer working properly, it will struggle to keep things cool. 

Here at Master Tech Service Corp., we offer air conditioning services to homeowners in Irving and surrounding areas. Homeowners rely on our expert services when they need AC installation, replacement, maintenance, and repairs. 

You can call on us for all your air conditioning installation needs. We proudly serve our community and will be there when you need us most. 

Signs Your AC System Needs to Be Replaced

Air conditioners do not last forever. On average, these units last between 15 to 20 years as long as they receive proper maintenance. 

We want you to be aware of the signs you need a new AC installation. Should you notice the signs below, call us to schedule an install.

  • The unit is no longer blowing out cool air. 
  • There is a lack of airflow with the system.
  • You have experienced frequent breakdowns that are becoming costlier to repair.
  • The system is making strange sounds or emitting foul odors.
  • The system is older than 15 years.
  • The cost of repairs will be more than the cost of new AC installation.
  • Rising energy costs are one of the primary reasons homeowners contact us for AC unit installation.

If you have noticed one or more of the above signs, it is likely time to start considering a new AC unit. With AC unit installation, homeowners will not have to worry about sweating it out in the heat this summer.

We Offer Central Air Conditioner Installation Services

If you want the gold standard for keeping homes cool and comfortable during the summer, a central air unit is best. We offer expert central AC installation, handling every step in the process, so you do not have to worry.

A central AC installation delivers cool air into every area of a home. Ductwork systems make the cooling capacity of these units much more efficient, helping homeowners save money on their cooling costs. 

What Are the Benefits of a New AC System?

While it can be stressful thinking about the expense of a Home AC installation, today’s units are more affordable than ever. The following are some of the benefits of having a new cooling unit installed in your home.

  • Homeowners will notice lowered electric bills because their new unit is not struggling to cool the home.
  • Homes stay cleaner because the unit is new and will be maintained properly, so excess dust, dander, and pollutants are no longer a problem.
  • New units cool much more effectively, keeping homes more comfortable during the hottest months of the year. 
  • Because the unit is new and receives maintenance, repair bills will be greatly reduced.
  • A new AC unit will also help increase the value of your home.
  • Today’s new air conditioners use environmentally friendly refrigerants.
  • With smart technology, homeowners can control their AC units when away from home.

Why Rely on Our HVAC Services?

If you are considering home AC installation, why should you choose Master Tech Service Corp.? There are many reasons homeowners in Irving and surrounding areas rely on us for all their heating and cooling needs. 

If you want the very best air conditioning installation service, consider the following reasons for calling us first. 

  • We stand behind our work 100%.
  • We offer the fairest prices in town.
  • We arrive on time every time.
  • We leave your home just like we found it.
  • We treat our customers like family. 
  • We will not be satisfied until you are.

Need a New Air Conditioner Installed?

If you need air conditioning installation service, rely on the experts at Master Tech Service Corp. You will not find a company more dedicated to its customers than us.

We will help you through every step in the installation process, making sure you understand how the new system works. We will be there should you need maintenance or repairs in the future. 

Call us today to schedule your installation. Our customer service team is standing by to answer questions and schedule prompt appointments. With a new air conditioner, Texas summers will not seem so brutally uncomfortable.

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